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Enzyme manufacturer Biocatalysts has broadened its dairy enzyme range with the addition of four new microbial enzymes for use in enzyme-modified cheeses (EMCs).

It has launched three new microbial proteases: Promod 903MDP, Promod 845MDP and Flavorpro Umami. Promod 903MDP is a protease suited to the manufacture of EMCs where sharp protein notes are required, whereas Promod 845MDP is better suited where a low bitter, creamy savoury flavour is required.

The third new enzyme is Flavorpro Umami, designed to produce a strong mature savoury flavour with mouth-filling protein notes. It can also be used for salt reduction in processed cheese. Umami, often described as the fifth basic taste, is a pleasant savoury, mouth-filling and brothy flavour.

Biocatalysts has also launched Lipomod 957MDP: a microbial alternative to porcine pancreatin. Designed for dairy applications, its flavour profile is dominated by strong fatty acid notes with sulphur and sweet undertones.

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