Wine cans upgraded to offer improved quality and choice

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Dutch contract filler DIS has upgraded its wine-canning operation to provide greater choice in can sizes as well as better safeguards for the quality and shelf-life of the wines themselves.

According to chief executive Marco Geurten, the firm worked on an upgrade of its Krones can filling line with supply partner Rexam Beverage Can Europe. It also worked with industry contacts from the UK and Australia to develop special treatment and filtration tanks prior to filling.

"Most people can fill wine into cans, but the point is that it can be spoiled before it gets that far," ​said Geurten. "The parameters have to be different when filling into cans. The wine doesn't have the ability to 'breathe', as it tends to have in a bottle."​ Key influences include oxygen and mineral content.

DIS can now fill into Rexam's Slim 200ml and 250ml cans, as well as the Sleek 335ml can, for brands such as Wild Pelican. The filler has also been exploring board multipack options.

"The major opportunity for younger consumers will be with rosés, spritzers and other sparkling varieties, rather than the more classic wine types," ​Geurten explained.

As well as filling cans and traditional glass bottles, DIS offers Rexam's Fusion hybrid aluminium can-bottle as a further alternative.

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