Cabinplant claims new path to processing first

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With its robot-supported processing and packing system for fish and shrimps, Cabinplant claims to have followed a completely new path.

Products are no longer processed in individual, linked steps. Instead, all processing is performed on the path from the conveyor belt to the package.

All processing steps cutting off heads and tails, removal of viscera are performed during the pick-and-place operation, by which a robot transports individual products from a feed conveyor into a package. This procedure eliminates a number of the handling steps required to link individual processing stations by traditional methods, which also take up extra time and space. The compact system consists of a bunker with an elevator belt, a vibratory conveyor, a robot cell with a continuous conveyor belt, and an image processing system throughout the feeding area of the conveyor belt.

A variable number of integrated Delta 3 robots, all equipped with identical multifunction tools, can approach the conveyor belt. A conveyor chain runs on both sides of the belt to deliver and remove the packages. The entire system, including the robots, is designed in stainless steel to facilitate cleaning.

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