Jet along to Graz to cut with water

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Fluid engineering expert BHR Group is to hold its 20th International Conference on Jetting Technology in Graz, Austria, from October 2022 2010.

The conference builds on almost 40 years of success with previous events in meeting the demand for authoritative information about best practice and new techniques.

This year's conference will draw together the world's leading specialists, focusing on applications, developments and technologies. It is an opportunity for technology transfer between industries seeking solutions to their problems.

The addition of abrasives to water jets has resulted in cutting tools with unique capabilities, including the ability to clean, prepare and cut materials without the force or heat associated with traditional methods. The need to recycle has never been greater and abrasive waterjets offer unique capabilities. Difficult cleaning problems have been solved, which has increased the scope for recycling waste items.

Water-jet cutting and portioning of foods was one of the earliest applications of high-pressure water jetting. Today, meats, poultry, fish, pastries, frozen foods and even candy bars are cut with ultra high-pressure waterjets as new applications continue to be found.

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