Tunnel vision can be cool

Air Products has launched a flexible cryogenic freezing solution that allows manufacturers to freeze individually quick frozen (IQF) and non-IQF food products in a single machine. The two-in-one freezer promises significant capital savings as well as improved IQF quality in seafood, meat and poultry, vegetables, fruit, dairy produce and pasta.

In allowing operators to switch between IQF and non-IQF products without the need to change equipment, the DM tunnel freezer maximises uptime and optimises efficiency, while giving producers and contract manufacturers the ability to adapt quickly to changing market demand.

The dual mode freezer can be installed alongside existing freezing equipment. Handling up to 1,800kg of product an hour, this equipment's modular design permits cleaning in place and compliance with all international hygiene standards. Capital outlay, freezing cost and efficiency are all optimised.

Rapid and consistent cryogenic cooling means foods are frozen quickly and efficiently. This results in smaller ice crystals, which reduce hydration loss during the freezing process itself and subsequent thawing. The retention of moisture through cryogenic freezing improves final product quality and maximises value.

Ann Callens, Air Products' European business development manager, Food and Cryogenics, says: "The dual mode concept offers a single solution to the many and varied demands placed on the producers at a low capital cost.

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