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Sewtec Automation has designed and installed a bespoke packing line for the new plastic tube in Tangerine Confectionery's iconic Sherbet Fountain.

Tangerine needed a fast and efficient filling and packing system that could be automated to achieve an overall speed of 100 tubes a minute. The Sewtec solution comprises the bulk feeding of the tubes, organising them for filling, capping and sleeving, followed by final quality checks and packing into cases.

The tubes are transferred from a bulk hopper via a flighted belt conveyor into a centrifuged bowl feeder where they are directed into a single lane, orientated and taken to a pick and place unit. This transfers the tubes four at a time into an indexing conveyor, which presents them under the filling machine for sherbet dispensing.

The liquorice stick is manually inserted and the cap put in place by operators. A cap press ensures that the cap is firmly secured before a second pick and place unit transfers the tubes to the sleeving machine.

After sleeving, the tubes pass through a metal detector and checkweigher and are packed.

The installation is part of a £1.1M investment.

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