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New maltitol syrup application offers taste and texture without the calories, says Cerestar

Cargill subsidiary Cerestar has developed a new maltitol syrup application it claims can reduce the calorie count of dairy products by up to 40%.

C*Maltidex is a liquid maltitol syrup produced through hydrogenating maltose that can enhance the fruitiness and sweetness profile of fruit yoghurts, avoiding the need for additional sweeteners, says Michael vom Dorp, application co-ordinator for dairy ice cream food processing, Europe. “Normally, when fat is removed, functionality is also reduced,” he says.

“This is particularly true in yoghurts, where a reduction in fat can reduce bodyfeel and creaminess.

“The challenge for manufacturers is to replace the fat and compensate for the subsequent reduction in quality. Traditionally ingredients such as proteins and starches would be used for this. But manufacturers try to avoid these ingredients as they can produce a heavy end product and aren’t perceived to be healthy. C*Maltidex gives a lighter, fresher, feel to reduced fat products.”

When used in ice cream, C*Maltidex has a freezing point depression factor comparable to sucrose, unlike fructose and sorbitol, which tend to lower this factor, he says.

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