Water-based grease digesters

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Environmentally friendly cleaning solutions for removing grease from parts and surfaces

With pressure mounting to move away from solvent-based to water-based cleaning chemicals, Rozone has introduced a range of non-solvent-based industrial cleaning products, which are largely bacteria and enzyme-based digesters.

These biological, water-based cleaning and degreasing systems ensure that oil and grease are eaten by bacteria and enzymes, rather than being dissolved and disposed of chemically. As long as the system is maintained, and not overburdened with oil and grease, it is said to be long lived.

Rozone's Smartwasher is a parts cleaner, which includes a self-cleaning solution. It doesn't produce hazardous by-products, such as volatile organic compounds requiring airborne emissions control.

"We've specially targeted food manufacturers," says Rozone director Richard Jenkins, who reports that systems have been installed for parts cleaning by British Bakeries and Coca-Cola.

Smartwasher operates at temperatures of up to 40°C. A hot-wash, low-foam detergent-based closed system operating at 80°C is also available.

A range of detergents has also been developed for surface and floor cleaning.

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