Tesco invests in further GI research

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Tesco continues with glycaemic index labelling approach to help consumers fight obesity

The Nutrition and Food Science Group (NFSG) at Oxford Brookes University has been contracted by retail chain Tesco to carry out further research relating to the glycaemic index (GI) of foods.

The GI index provides a way of ranking foods according to their effect on blood glucose levels, which research has shown may be one of the factors governing hunger.

Tesco is promoting awareness of the GI among its customers through product labelling and promotional information.

The message being promoted is that foods with a high GI cause blood glucose levels to rise and fall sharply, quickly creating a craving for more, whereas foods with a low GI act in the opposite way, serving to stabilise blood glucose levels and ward off food cravings.

Professor Jeya Henry, who leads the NFSG says: "We are delighted to be continuing our work with Tesco. The forthcoming project will involve further testing of existing product lines followed by work on new product development."

Contact: Oxford Brookes Univ., Tel: 01865 484454

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