Gel beats foam in fast cleaning power

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New technology has paved the way for more effective cleaning methods

Gel technology can provide a more efficient way of beating grime, according to open plant cleaning consultant David Wilson.

The common method of cleaning soiled surfaces in factories involves the use of dilute cleaning solutions, which have been aerated to create foam. This is because foam adheres to a surface for longer than straight liquid, increasing the cleaning power.

However, development of dilutable gel technology, using detergent concentrates that thicken when diluted with water, has led to a significant improvement in cleaning performance by virtue of the longer surface contact times, says Wilson.

"Such products produce virtually static films when applied to surfaces over a wide range of concentrations," he says.

Such products can also be aerated and applied as a mousse through conventional foam equipment or as a fine spray where close control of chemical application is desirable.

Gel technology is particularly suitable for use with conveyors and in inaccessible areas of machinery.

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