Eliminate washroom towel waste

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Say goodbye to having to empty bins and dispose of waste towels every day

All too often used, contaminated and wet paper towels lie on washroom floors, around un-emptied bins, only to be trampled underfoot resulting in an unsightly and unhygienic mess.

Now a new way of combating bacterial contamination from washroom towel waste is being offered by Stockport-based Pneumatic Conveying Systems (PCS).

PCS's towel waste removal system sucks towel waste safely away to a remote waste collection or disposal point such as an incinerator or covered skip, virtually any distance from the washroom.

The system not only cuts contamination but also reduces labour requirements in emptying bins.

Used towels are simply thrown into a collection funnel in the wall and a sensor within the funnel activates the vacuum so that the system only operates when waste is present.

Constructed from stainless steel, the systems are available in various designs to suit.

Contact: Pneumatic Conveying Systems, Tel: 0161 491 6225

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