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The GNT Group develops and processes food ingredients made from edible fruits and vegetables.

GNT operates worldwide through its subsidiaries in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

The GNT portfolio consists of two brands, EXBERRY® Colouring Foods and Nutrifood® The Best of Fruits and Vegetables. Both brands fit perfectly with the company philosophy ‘Perfect Solutions from Natural Sources®’

Specialising in developing and processing food ingredients made from edible fruits and vegetables, the GNT Group has long been an advocate for the use of colouring foods in processed food and beverage applications.

EXBERRY® Colouring Foods are fruit and vegetable concentrates offering a wide range of vibrant and stable colours for many applications, these are labelled as food ingredients.

GNT is focused on ’Perfect Solutions from Natural Sources®‘, therefore within our EXBERRY® range we are constantly developing new solutions to meet the challenges that our customers present to us.

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