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Phoenix Group plans growth away from rapeseed oil

A novel approach to outsourcing is making Phoenix Group hot property, ambitious md Ben Guy tells Noli Dinkovski.

Dawn Foods plans to double sales

Dawn Foods's new UK boss has wasted little time in helping the company with its ambitious drive to double sales in five years. By Noli Dinkovski

FSA budget cuts: what it means for food safety

Budget cuts at the Food Standards Agency and local authorities mean change is afoot, reports Michelle Perrett.

Sugar reformulation: can the industry learn from salt?

Alongside the now-familiar call for a 20% tax on sugary soft drinks, the recent House of Commons Health Select Committee report on child obesity proposed other measures, including centrally-led reformulation in high-sugar food and drink.

Food chain transparency is the goal

The 2013 Horsemeat Scandal Created A Demand For Better Supply Chain Transparency. Michelle Knott Explains What This Means In Practice

Why it pays to follow the herd

Azhar Zouq, who knows a thing or two about yogurt, having grown Lancashire Farm Dairies into a £25M business, talks to Noli Dinkovski

The Wright approach

The FDF’s Ian Wright is building a media reputationas a ‘political bruiser’. Rick Pendrous went ringside.

Heart health ingredients: Can consumers be won over?

Suppliers of heart-health ingredients need to pursue new strategies if they are going to convince consumers that they have a place in their diets.

Meet the ice cream maker from R&R

Making money from ice cream is no easy task, but R&R boss Mike Fraine seems to have it licked. Rick Pendrous uncovers his success

Making meat processing equipment to boost efficiency

Raising efficiency and reducing waste is the name of the game, reports Alyson Magee.

Snacks boss on growth trail

Rikin Lakhani, md of Kolak Snack Foods, tells Rick Pendrous how he came to lead the family business.

Show preview: Food Ingredients Europe

Next week’s Food Ingredients Europe (FiE) and Natural Ingredients (Ni) shows offer the opportunity to see the some of the latest products onthe market and hear about cutting edge developments, says John Wood

Brothers ... still in naans

William and Charles Eid have big plans now they are back at the helm of Signature Flatbreads, the 50:50 joint venture with Aryzta. The brothers spoke to Rick Pendrous

King-sized supply chain savings planned at AHDB

Reforming the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) will benefit the whole supply chain, its chief executive tells Mike Stones

Energy drink firms forced to reformulate

Health lobby focus on sugar content is forcing energy drinks suppliers to look at other formulations, says Michelle Knott

Efficiency is the key for dairy survival

With rock bottom milk prices, the only way producers will survive is by cutting their costs and adding value, reports Anne Bruce

Food industry needs to help people age healthily

There are more people in the world aged over 60 than ever before. Michelle Perrett discovers what the industry needs to do to help them age healthily.

M&S boss tackles campylobacter

Campylobacter has plagued poultry products in the UK for years, but Marks & Spencer’s director of food technology Paul Willgoss has a five-step plan to help tackle the bug, he tells Nicholas Robinson.

Mexican food market offers spicy opportunity

Over a third of UK families bought or tried Mexican food last year, so it’s little wonder the Cool Chile Company’s sales have doubled since 2011, its chief operating officer Kelly Peck tells Nicholas Robinson.

Food waste to landfill hots up

Reducing the amount of waste food businesses produce enhances their bottom lines as well as their reputations, as Alyson Magee discovers

Taylors of Harrogate invests for tea time

Yorkshire-based Taylors of Harrogate is steeped in history, but that hasn’t stopped the firm from investing in facilities, factory manager John Hennighan tells Nicholas Robinson

Graze the new ‘kids’ in America

Few food firms would chance a US launch after being around for just five years, but Graze boss Anthony Fletcher explains to Nicholas Robinson why it was a matter of urgency for the online company

French get taste for sliced bread

While sales of plant bread are falling in the UK, in France they are up as consumers seek better shelf-life over baguettes, as Rick Pendrous discovers

Allergy by numbers

More is being done to ensure the risk to people from bad allergen labelling is reduced. Paul Gander finds out what else is in the pipeline

From free sugar to sugar-free

Is a renewed focus on sugar reduction an inevitable consequence of the SACN recommendations? Lynda Searby digests the report and its implications for the food industry.