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Food Manufacture survey reveals Brexit fears

Food and drink manufacturers are even more concerned than last year about the impact that Brexit will have on their businesses.

Food industry prepares for the digital age

In the digital age of Industry 4.0, compatible control systems are offering food and drink manufacturers the potential to transform knowledge into power, waste into efficiency, and loss into profit.

Dairy innovation: milk price rises put cheese yields in focus

With raw milk prices soaring, cheesemakers are looking for ingredients that will increase yields without compromising quality.

Cheese success is based on innovation: Windyridge

Windyridge Cheese boss Melvin Glynn explains why the key to success is innovation.

Food hygiene corners sometimes cut to meet production targets

Food hygiene corners are sometimes being cut to meet production targets, Food Manufacture’s food safety survey discovers.

Natural preservatives: how to boost your clean-label claims

Cleaning up food labels is big business. But while some areas of the label are pretty much a done deal, in others, there remains much more opportunity for development.

Bakkavor boss reveals her recruitment ambitions

Bakkavor's HR director Pippa Greenslade reveals her recruitment ambitions in this Big Interview, first published by our sister title Food Manufacture.

Food firms face bigger fines for workplace safety offences

Stiffer sentencing for workplace safety failings means some firms need to up their game when it comes to health and safety compliance. 

Bumpy road ahead for food logistics sector

The road ahead is potentially a bumpy one for businesses involved in the handling and storage of food and drink.

Bakery spotlight: why the feelgood factor still matters

Mounting pressure from health groups hasn’t deterred consumer desire for ‘feelgood’ foods.

Lack of probiotics progress fails to slow gut health market

Research into the ability of probiotics to support healthy digestive function over the years has been significant.

Colours and flavours: why going natural brings challenges

The trend towards natural colours and flavours brings challenges as well as opportunities.

ABP’s new meat processing plant: a look inside

ABP’s new Ellesmere processing plant is leading the way in beef production. Rick Pendrous spoke to the people behind the £30M investment.

Could cobots be coming to a food factory near you?

Collaborative robots – ‘cobots’ – could be the future for working alongside people.

Supply chain system rollouts present challenges

Rolling out the same supply-chain systems across different sites might appear to offer benefits, but it can also present challenges. 

Plant-based foods: land of milk and money

Plant-based dairy substitutes are now more than just a niche for vegans and food intolerance sufferers.

Food manufacturers focus on energy efficiency

Although energy resilience is also key, many more businesses are investigating where the biggest potential energy efficiency gains lie.

Food safety recalls: planning prevents crises

It's crucial to prevent food and drink safety recall incidents becoming crises, as Michelle Knott discovers.

Healthy reformulation: how products measure-up

Reformulation of regular products, rather than better-for-you alternatives, is helping food firms meet ever-tougher targets.

Food and drink industry prepares for the Apprenticeship Levy

While the Apprenticeship Levy – which comes into force in April – has benefits, some fear its challenges may require the help of magic to overcome.

The Big Interview with fraud fighter Andy Morling

National Food Crime Unit boss Andy Morling says there’s more work to be done to protect the nation against food and drink fraud.

Heart health: why low cholesterol is no longer the focus

Products aimed at lowering cholesterol have long been the focus of heart health reformulation – but a new trend is emerging.

Energy and endurance: the ketone kings

A low-carbohydrate diet is usually associated with people trying to lose weight, but another group of carb-cutting enthusiasts is emerging.

Bone and joint health: bank on it

Maintaining calcium levels while young is crucial in helping to prevent osteoporosis in later life.

Provision Trade Federation boss sets out his plans

A seasoned civil servant, Andrew Kuyk may have joined the PTF at the right time, says Noli Dinkovski.

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