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Business Leaders' Forum

Food manufacturers need ‘Entrepreneurs’ Fund’

Business leaders have issued an urgent call for a new ‘Entrepreneurs’ Fund’ to be set up to help new food and drink manufacturers make the next step in their growth.

News in brief

Culina appoints Winwood as new boss

Culina Logistics has appointed Steve Winwood as its new chief operating officer, as part of its strategy to drive business development and growth.

Sustainable food blocked by ‘pass the buck’ attitude

Food businesses need more government support to create a sustainable food system, according to a new report.

News in brief

Allied Bakeries reveals new ‘energy efficient’ production line

Allied Bakeries has invested in a new “energy efficient” bread production line at its Stockport bakery, as part of its £35M capital expenditure programme.

Extreme weather ‘likely’ to wipe out food production

The likelihood of growing climate volatility and extreme weather incidents “wiping out” agricultural production and food systems is “increasing rapidly”, warns a leading expert.

Campylobacter is smarter than we thought: scientists

Campylobacter is smarter than scientists thought as it is able to alter its “swimming behaviour” inside human bodies to find food, according to new research by scientists at the Institute...

News in brief

Vion sells Debbie & Andrew’s sausage brand

Multi-national meat company Vion has sold its Debbie & Andrew’s sausage brand to WA Turner, a subsidiary of ABP Food Group, for an undisclosed sum.

Horse meat possibly on sale for a year: Food Standards Agency

Horse meat could have been sold in supermarket burgers for up to a year, the UK’s food safety boss revealed (January 30).

Tesco to tell MPs Silvercrest to blame for horse meat crisis

Tesco will tell MPs later today (January 30) that one of its meat suppliers – Silvercrest, part of the ABP Food Group – was responsible for the discovery of horse...

Horse meat supplier’s owner to become ‘world leader’ in DNA tests

ABP Food Group − the company whose subsidiary Silvercrest Foods supplied Tesco with burgers contaminated with horse DNA − has pledged to become “an industry leader” in DNA testing procedures...

Unite slams Greencore’s ‘modern-day mill owners’ as workers strike

Unite the union has slammed the “staggering greed” of Greencore’s “modern-day mill owners” as hundreds of workers prepare to walk out of Greencore’s Hull factory today (January 30).

Nanotech unearths iron-enriched potatoes to tackle anaemia

Pioneering nanotechnology research to enrich the iron content of potatoes could result in a range of fortified crops, according to researchers at Nottingham Trent University’s School of Science and Technology....

News in brief

DEFRA seeks French support to scrap sugar quotas

The government has urged the French agricultural ministry not to block reform of the EU sugar regime, which could unlock lucrative markets for UK food and drink exports around the...

Browns Food Group acquires Hall’s from Vion

Scottish food manufacturer Browns Food Group has acquired the Hall’s brand from Dutch multi-national Vion for an undisclosed sum, safeguarding 50 jobs.

Greencore reports a good start to 2013

Greencore’s latest trading results follow a successful previous year for the group against a tough trading environment. They have been welcomed as a “sound start” to the new financial year by...

Eight out of 10 ‘lamb’ kebabs are not officially lamb kebabs

Trading Standards officials have discovered poultry, beef and veal in products that were being sold as lamb kebabs.

Arla’s new £102M factory will have ‘major impact’ on UK lactose supply

Arla Foods Ingredients is investing £102M in a new lactose manufacturing facility in Denmark that will have “a major impact on the supply of lactose to the UK food industry”.

Soft drinks industry rejects calls for budget sugar tax

Food and drink manufacturers have rejected calls from the campaign group Sustain for the chancellor to introduce a duty on sugary drinks at the next Budget.

Food manufacturers urged to back first bespoke degree

UK food and drink manufacturers are being urged to back the UK’s first accredited engineering degree dedicated to the needs of the food and drink manufacturing sector.

Business Leaders' Forum

Mergers a key theme of food manufacturing bosses’ forum

Mergers and acquisitions in the food and drink manufacturing sector emerged as a key theme of the Business Leaders’ Forum staged earlier this month in central London by our sister...

News in brief

Horse meat DNA linked to Polish supplier

The Irish government has declared a “major breakthrough” in the investigation into the horse meat DNA found in value burgers as “conclusive test results” link the source to an ingredient...

Food science webinar

‘Sound science’ key to protect against 1M foodborne illness: FSA

Food policies and advice based on the best available science are needed to protect consumers from 1M cases of UK foodborne illness every year, according to the food safety watchdog,...

Premier Foods boss Michael Clarke in shock exit

The boss of Britain’s biggest food manufacturer, Premier Foods, has quit the debt-laden company today (January 28) after only 18 months, in a move that surprised City analysts.

Food and drink industry people on the move - in pictures

Christine Tacon’s appointment as the new groceries code adjudicator leads this month’s selection of people on the move.

‘McCain waste pipe has put our homes at risk of demolition’

Residents of cliff-top homes that are under threat of demolition thanks to land slippage are claiming that the cliff’s instability is caused by a waste pipe running from a nearby...

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