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Walk-in cold store flat packed

Last updated on 03-Jul-2010 at 00:36 GMT2010-07-03T00:36:55Z

The Modular Box from Kingspan is a flat-pack walk-in cold store that combines high levels of performance with ease of assembly. The flat-pack store can be specified in any colour, including a stainless steel finish, and also offers a choice of thickness, floors, flat or ribbed wall profiles, and a range of doors.

The Modular Box features a high-performance insulation core that can provide the right level of thermal efficiency and fire protection for any application. The panels from which the Modular Box systems are manufactured have achieved certification for stringent levels of fire performance. They are also fibre-free, removing the risk of loose fibres being released and making the Modular Box suitable for all food storage cold-store applications.

The Modular Box comes in standard stock sizes, or can be manufactured to individual specifications.

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