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More horse trouble for Tesco

By Mike Stones , 13-Feb-2013
Last updated on 13-Feb-2013 at 17:44 GMT2013-02-13T17:44:08Z

No one was injured in the accident near Banbury

No one was injured in the accident near Banbury

Retail giant Tesco ran into more horse trouble this week, after one of its delivery vans collided with a horse on a road near Banbury.

The horse − which was put down by a vet at the scene of the accident − was reportedly one of six being exercised by the local hunt.

No one was injured in the accident.

‘Sad accident’

A spokeswoman for Tesco told “We were sorry to hear about this sad accident. Our driver acted responsibly throughout and we are in contact with the owner.”

Meanwhile, earlier this week, Tesco withdrew its Everyday Value spaghetti Bolognese , after samples were found to contain 60% horse meat.

Since the horse meat crisis began last month, Tesco has withdrawn up to 10M burgers from sale.

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