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With the global obesity epidemic a number one priority, ‘wellness’ or ‘functional’ foods are in the spotlight as a means of weight and disease reduction. It’s a sector undergoing immense regulatory change and, whether you’re working in the field of dietary control, fortification or supplements, you will benefit from regular consultations with Dr Foodman.

Manufacturers miss big breaks with small innovations

14-Apr-2014 - Food and drinks manufacturers could be missing out on ground-breaking new product development opportunities by making too many small adaptations to existing products, a leading consultant has warned.


Food firms must adapt to toughest regulation

09-Apr-2014 - Manufacturers that want to make health claims on pack are adapting to the EU’s line of regulation.

‘Eat more plant-based food to improve health’

26-Mar-2014 - Consumers should be encouraged to consume more plant-based food to improve their nutritional health and relieve rising global demand for meat protein, which is pushing up the price of imports, a leading nutritionist has advised. 

Raspberry ketones on sale without novel foods approval

24-Mar-2014 - Novel foods such as raspberry ketones continue to be widely available for sale throughout the UK in weight loss products and dietary supplements, despite not being approved by the regulatory authorities, as the Food Standard Agency (FSA) has just confirmed they should be.

New extracts aim to bear healthy fruit

21-Mar-2014 - NP Nutra launched two new fruit extracts last month.

Obesity can be tackled by educating consumers, says nutritionist

14-Mar-2014 - Poor nutrition among UK consumers could be improved if they had a basic understanding of how their food worked, a leading public health nutritionist has insisted. 

Top healthy food trends: low sodium at forefront

14-Mar-2014 - Demand for healthy food and drink will increase, with low sodium options helping to drive new product development (NPD), according to Carlos Diaz, food director at Food Innovation Solutions (FIS).

News in brief

Food certification firm appoints new ceo after boss dies

10-Mar-2014 - Shropshire-based food and farming certification firm Organic Farmers & Growers has appointed Roger Kerr as its new ceo, following the death of its previous boss.

First salt targets issued for foodservice firms

07-Mar-2014 - Salt targets for foodservice operators have been issued by the Department of Health (DH) for the first time, although the jury is out on how realistic they are.

2017 packaged food and foodservice salt targets issued

07-Mar-2014 - Updated salt targets for packaged foodstuffs are too soft on meat and cheese, a leading expert claims, as the Department of Health (DH) posts foodservice targets for the first time.

Nutritionists slam sugar-bashing press

07-Mar-2014 - The national media has seriously misreported consumers’ sugar intake and its apparent link to obesity following the World Health Organisation’s (WHO’s) latest intake update this week, leading nutritionists have claimed.

Free Vitafoods update

03-Mar-2014 - More than 13,000 visitors are expected to attend this May’s global nutraceutical event Vitafoods Europe.

Vitamin E deficiency alert

03-Mar-2014 - More than three-quarters of the population in developed countries do not meet their recommended daily intake of vitamin E, potentially putting their health at great risk, a new study has shown.

Regulation calls grow to counter obesity ‘crisis’

03-Mar-2014 - Britain’s obesity “crisis” is leading to mounting calls by health groups for tougher regulation to counter the marketing and sale of foods high in fat, sugar and salt in the lead up to next year’s general election.


Unbalanced diets are the cause of obesity

03-Mar-2014 - In response to the recent focus on sugar in the diet and whether it is linked to obesity, Dr Susan Jebb, chair of the Public Health Responsibility Deal (PHRD) Food Network, said “in the PHRD we have made clear that it’s the total calories that matter more than fat or sugar alone” in the fight against obesity.

Investment in HACCP will yield returns: rice boss

03-Mar-2014 - Food quality will suffer unless manufacturers put more effort into hazard analysis critical control point (HACCP) systems, a leading rice processor has warned.

News in brief

Salt Awareness Week focuses on low-sodium alternatives

26-Feb-2014 - Reduced-sodium alternatives to regular salt are being heavily promoted by this year’s Consensus Action on Salt & Health (CASH) Salt Awareness Week.

Food and drink marketing to kids under spotlight

26-Feb-2014 - The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) is reviewing online food and drink marketing, especially to children, amid concerns about the rising incidence of obesity among young people. 

Multi-million pound sale of sports nutrition firm Grenade

26-Feb-2014 - UK-based sports nutrition firm Grenade, which sells products through Tesco, is primed for explosive growth following Grovepoint Capital’s multi-million pound acquisition of the business.

Ryvita crispbread growth drives factory makeover

11-Feb-2014 - Jordans & Ryvita Company has splashed out on upgrading and refurbishing crispbread production at Poole in Dorset.

Mixed messages mean confusion

07-Feb-2014 - Consumers are confused by the complexity of the healthy eating advice they are bombarded with and need greater help to navigate the maze of apparently conflicting information, a leading nutritionist has advised.

Pro for prostate health

04-Feb-2014 - LycoRed is entering the men’s health category with its science-based formulation Lyc-O-Pro, which targets prostate health. Lyc-O-Pro combines curcumin, omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, and a proprietary tomato extract.

Four-year study looks into diet and diabetes

04-Feb-2014 - Clinicians have embarked on a new four-year study to further understand how low-calorie diets could reverse Type 2 diabetes brought on by obesity.


Government’s smart swaps aren't so smart

04-Feb-2014 - I was going to write about sugar being the new salt for the healthy diet campaigners. But I changed my mind when I looked at the government’s Change4Life so-called Smart Swaps online. What a muddle!

News in brief

US firm Post Holdings snaps up Nestlé PowerBar

03-Feb-2014 - Nestlé’s sports nutrition brands PowerBar and Musashi, have been snapped up by US firm Post Holdings in a deal first mooted in September last year.

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