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Flora launches non-spitting cooking oil with less fat

6 commentsBy Lorraine Mullaney , 01-Apr-2011
Last updated on 06-Apr-2011 at 16:29 GMT2011-04-06T16:29:23Z

Unilever UK has extended its Flora brand with the release of a healthy alternative to traditional cooking oils and butter.

"Developing a product with no hydrogenated vegetable oil was essential for the UK market," said Rachel Dowling, brand manager for Flora Cuisine at Unilever UK. "The only similar products on the market already contain trans fats."

"In Europe our cooking liquids have consistently achieved penetration rates of 1220% and repeat rates over 50%," said Dowling. "In consumer trials pre-launch, 71% of our triallists said they would buy the product."

Made from a blend of linseed, rapeseed and sunflower oils, which are naturally lower in saturated fat, Flora Cuisine has 45% less saturated fat than olive oil and contains omega 3 and 6, says Unilever UK.

It has been designed according to patented technology that aims for little or no spitting or burning when used to fry, sauté and bake.

Dowling added : "The total fat content is 75% unlike other oils, which are 100% so this gives a lightweight cooking aid that ensures your food retains its natural flavours and is not greasy. The mild flavour enhances, rather than masks, the natural flavours of your food."

The product arrived on supermarket shelves last month and its launch will be supported by an £8M marketing spend.

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Another pseudo-healthy fake food. I'll stick to the butter and olive oil, thanks...

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Posted by S
26 May 2011 | 16h332011-05-26T16:33:18Z

Fake fat unhealthy

I'd be more worried about the negative health affects of this oil. It contains linseed which shouldn't be heated as it is unstable, so will oxidise. Natural fats are healthier – butter, ghee, olive oil, coconut oil. Saturated fat is healthy in moderate amounts. Don't eat fake fats.

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Posted by Sue
26 May 2011 | 13h422011-05-26T13:42:23Z


I would put this in the 'non food' category alongside buttery spreads and artificial sweeteners. Our evolution has been shaped by natural foods not those designed in a lab, we are just not designed to eat such foods!

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Posted by Glenn Turner
11 May 2011 | 19h502011-05-11T19:50:48Z

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