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New candy concepts for fibre intake

Last updated on 04-Jan-2013 at 17:50 GMT

Beneo has recently developed two new sugar-free confectionery concepts: 'Dessert Candy' and 'Candy in Candy'.

The range of new sugar-free candy ideas use the company's sugar replacer Isomalt.

To meet consumer demand for functionality and flavours, Beneo's 'Candy in Candy' concept embeds a colourful, raspberry- and melon- flavoured candy inside a transparent cube.

'Candy in Candy' has been designed to offer the consumer a novel experience with eye-catching shapes, brilliant colours and new flavour combinations.

Beneo has also produced fibre-filled candy 'SteviaBalance', which was recently launched by German confectionery manufacturer Bodeta. This fibre-enriched candy without added sugar was originally a Beneo marketing concept from the Sweets Collection think tank. It was then realised by Bodeta.

The product includes a liquid core that incorporates Beneo's dietary fibre oligofructose and the main body of the candy contains Isomalt, oligofructose and stevia.

 Beneo claims that making sweets containing oligofructose is a creative way of helping to raise consumers' insufficient levels of fibre intake. At the same time the sweets offer a treat that doesn't compromise on taste or mouthfeel.

Contact: Beneo

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