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New film offers longer shelf-life


Shelf-life breakthrough for ready meals

A breakthrough in packaging for ambient ready meals that contain raw meat, vegetables and sauces is being claimed. It involves the use of a film technology that can extend shelf-life from eight weeks to up to 12 months.

Usually presented in a crystalline polyethylene terephthalate tray, these meals need ovenable lidding films that can withstand the rigorous retort processes used to keep the food fresh and safe from any bacteria.

After extensive trials, KM Packaging has developed two new film material specifications, which are claimed to far exceed the performance of those used by some food manufacturers. KM Packaging says the ovenable lidding films are highly reliable and deliver better peelability, strong high barrier properties and excellent film clarity.

Available under the firm's Superguard X range, which carries strong, high barrier films for a wide range of applications, the new films are designed to offer excellent product integrity of uncooked produce stored at ambient temperatures for nearly a year.

KM Packaging's md Charles Smithson says: "Our latest lidding film technology has stemmed from a number of requests from food manufacturers. They have recently come under increasing pressure to source more resilient and reliable packaging materials following a significant increase in demand for sophisticated, ambient ready meals from organisations such as airlines, the military and shipping vessels."

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