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Jam motorway spill leaves drivers stuck

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By James Ridler+

Last updated on 11-Jan-2017 at 16:06 GMT2017-01-11T16:06:56Z

Motorist were stuck in traffic after a lorry spilled its load of Jam
Motorist were stuck in traffic after a lorry spilled its load of Jam

Motorists were left stuck on the M1 on Tuesday (January 10), after a collision caused a lorry to shed its load of jam onto the motorway.

The accident involved a collision of four lorries on the motorway in Bedfordshire southbound between junctions 12 and 13 at about 07.00am.

Highways England said the traffic jam caused by the jam spillage had now been cleared, but warned of continuing delays. Other routes, including the A5, had extra traffic.

The organisation warned drivers of the accident using Twitter (see tweet below).

Police said no-one was harmed in the accident.

Meanwhile, a fire on a lorry carrying 1,000 crates of pre-packed food closed the M1 northbound in Nottinghamshire in January 2.

The incident occurred at about 03.00am at Trowell services near junction 25. The service station and one lane remained shut for most of the morning.

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Jam spread on M1 not to everyones taste!

Get your loads balanced and properly secured guys!
You never know what will confront you at the firstturnahead!

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Posted by Peter Bourke
11 January 2017 | 22h192017-01-11T22:19:23Z