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‘Waste Not’: Debottlenecking to reduce waste

Published: 22-Nov-2016 | Format: PDF file | Document type: Case Study
Related applications: Environment , Hygiene, safety & cleaning

During times of economic ‘unexpectedness’, such as this period after the Brexit vote, focussing on non-capital based improvement to ‘control the things that can be controlled’ – such as reducing waste and giveaway – is enabling food manufacturers to maintain productivity…

This case study explains how a Manufacturing Manager at a bakery put waste on the agenda of weekly CI meetings and trained his Operators in PCS analysis and the Debottlenecking method so that they could implement solutions to reduce the level of rework caused by a problematic case-packer.

The overall project delivered £108,000 annualised benefit - demonstrating that simple alterations to create and optimise accumulation can have a significant impact on waste and throughput.

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