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Tamper-evident openings give easy access to clamshell

Last updated on 01-Feb-2012 at 13:33 GMT2012-02-01T13:33:35Z

Tear tape has enabled a New York-based packaging firm to create a tamper-evident yet easy-to-open clamshell food pack for lettuce and bakery products.

While clamshell packaging has long been used for its appearance, the format has faced criticism that end-users find it hard to open.

Now Precision Packaging Products has developed a no-knife opening solution using printed tapes from Payne. This has an additional perforated lip that can be pulled open, enabling the clamshell closure to be released. As printing on clamshells is limited, Payne's tapes are applied to the package between the thermoform and the cutting station and indicate where the perforations are.

Precision is now gaining growth in the lettuce and bakery markets in both the US and Canada, where it has been found that clamshells offer a longer shelf-life than a bag.

Simon Wildash, head of marketing at Payne, says: "With the retail presence of clamshells expanding, Payne tear tape's use as a communication, branding and food safety tool is likely to increase."

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