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Interfood focuses on packaging solutions


Dedicated packaging division for Interfood

Interfood Technology has formed a dedicated packaging division called Packaging Solutions.

Interfood joint md Jim Sydenham says: "We have added divisions over the years as part of a 'total processing' philosophy, enabling us to focus on specific processes and products. Our customers are increasingly looking for automated solutions to their end of line processes and this was not an area in which we were actively involved."

The new division is being headed up by Rob Allen and the equipment being offered is from Buhmann, a Germany-based manufacturer of case packing systems and Sparc Systems.

Allen says: "There is currently a lot of development in the end-of-line element of food processing with food and meat processors looking to automation as a focus in maintaining the lowest cost of production.

"Maximising the return on investment, reducing the footprint of machines and reducing the cost of consumables are also key drivers, so these are all areas in which we've paid particular attention."

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