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Eco-packaging firm targets UK with 'vegetable paper'

By Elaine Watson , 08-Jul-2010
Last updated on 08-Jul-2010 at 15:59 GMT2010-07-08T15:59:07Z

Eco-packaging firm targets UK with 'vegetable paper'

An Indian firm is targeting UK food manufacturers with a novel vegetable-based organic greaseproof paper that can be re-used three times and withstand temperatures of up to 200°C.

The paper, which has been developed by Kraft Veda, offers high resistance to water vapour and has very low air permeability, making it suitable for wrapping fatty products like butter and cheese as well as for baking, co-founder Narendra Singh told

“Our baking paper can be used more than three times. Our vegetable parchment and baking papers are made of 100% cellulose fibres and they are also 100% organic, 100% biodegradable and compostible.”

“Our chlorine-free board laminated internally with pure vegetable parchment is also a good replacement for aluminium foil and plastic laminated papers."

He added: “We have been supplying these vegetable parchment papers and packaging solutions to companies in India and we also export papers and boards to Turkey. We are now in talks with organisations in the US and the EU to provide these papers and boards for fresh and organic food products packaging.

“We are also under process of building strategic alliances with companies in these regions, which should be finalised soon.”
The papers are made of tiny fibres of cellulose from pine plants.

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