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Ulma displays line automation skills

Visitors to Ulma’s stand at the Processing and Packaging Machinery Association show, which was staged at the National Exhibition Centre near Birmingham earlier this month (September 29 to October 1),...

Permeability kit tests packs for barrier properties

Coveris, the manufacturer of flexible and rigid packaging, is using the Systech 8001 oxygen permeability analyser to validate the barrier performance of its packaging films.

Ovenable board makes new converts

By Paul GanderThe creator of a children's frozen meal range now selling in over 320 Sainsbury stores says that sourcing sustainable - and particularly recyclable - packaging was an early...

Urgent action need on food portion sizes: charity

The government should update its advice on food portion sizes urgently, warns a leading charity, after researchers advised smaller food packages could help to cut Britain’s obesity crisis. 

Smaller food and drink packages can 'beat obesity'

Smaller food and drink packages sold in supermarkets and smaller portions served at home and in restaurants could help beat Britain’s obesity crisis, claims news research from the University of...

What’s the canned food capital of Britain?

Any idea which city is the canned food capital of Britain? The answer is Birmingham, with its residents eating a whopping 640,000 cans a day, according to new research from...

Modified atmosphere pack leak testing inline

Ineffective inline testing for leaks in modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) can have any number of negative impacts, making a new high-speed system based on infra-red (IR) spectrometry one of the...

Linking food and drink packs to social media

Drinks brands, and particularly premium brands, illustrate many of the ways in which packaging can interact more effectively with social media messaging and link with integrated marketing, according to one...

CMB canmaking Academy extends its training kit

Canmaking machinery provider CMB Engineering has installed one of its 3400 Die Necker multi-stage machines into its Academy based in Shipley, West Yorkshire. This will allow CMB to provide its...

Polyester lids for Weetabix pots

Weetabix’s new single serving breakfast pot range, launched last February, features polyester lids supplied by Bury-based Clondalkin Flexible Packaging, formerly known as Chadwicks Lids.

Tamper-evident closure for food tubs and trays

A novel tamper-evident closure is available from Waddington Europe (Par-Pak) which prevents tampering and includes a ‘flag’ to indicate when products have been interfered with.

Russian tastes for snacks grows

Four twin Ishida Atlas economy range ECO (Integrated Packaging Systems) are being used at KDV Group , Russia’s largest snack producer, to handle its growing production requirements.

Lower-costX-ray detection

A range of metal detection, checkweighing and X-ray inspection equipment will be shown by Loma Systems.

Simulation proves automation

Simulation to ensure that automated production systems are fit for purpose when installed, will be the focus of power and control specialist The Automated Technology Group (TATG).

‘Drinks carton first’ uses electrons for hygiene

In what is being claimed to be a first for the beverage carton industry, Tetra Pak has launched a filling machine that uses electron beams, rather than hydrogen peroxide, to...


Birds get bagged

Pre-wrapped roast-in-the-bag chickens have been a success story of the past couple of years. Paul Gander hears from Asda and its key supplier

BRC packaging update pressures print

The cover design for Issue 5 of the British Retail Consortium (BRC) Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials may make a simple egg box look like something out of...

Stretching the processes of packaging product innovation

A research project at Portsmouth University is compiling a picture of how UK product innovation relates to investment in process, including packaging equipment.

‘Abuse resistent’ bags for hard food

A new generation of multilayer coextruded bags is available from Cryovac to pack hard and very hard product segments in fresh red meat, cheese and smoked and processed meats.

A wide range of packaging machinery for bakers

Multivac will be exhibiting a wide range of packaging equipment for bakery products, cakes, pastries and snacks at the iba show, which takes place in Munich from September 12 to 17.

Progress in flexible pack design

Significant progress has been made in new designs of flexible packaging with improved recyclability, according to resource recovery specialist Axion Consulting, which is leading a collaborative research and development project...

Nestlé questions its shelf-life needs

Nestlé has suggested that its packaging for shelf-stable products may in many cases be overspecified, and that a more sustainable use of materials could go hand-in-hand with reduced shelf-life.

Flowrapper handles fresh food in pillow packs

A flowrapper for packaging fresh food in pillow packs with three seals in a modified atmosphere (MAP) has been introduced by Ulma Packaging.

Packs give Finnebrogue’s sausages an artisan look

Northern Ireland sausage maker Finnebrogue has worked closely with Holfeld Plastics, part of Waddington Europe, to give an artisan presentational style to its grand sausages.

Fox's launches new sharing containers

A new range of Chunkie cookies from Fox’s Biscuits, part of the 2 Sisters Food Group, has been specially packed to be easy to share, thanks to their custom-designed container developed...