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Letter to Editor: Why we have really made a mess of things in Britain?

Sir, I am writing about Paul Gander’s article (‘Make the FIR fly ’), published in Food Manufacture, October 2013, p47.

Fight against food waste gets political

The Fresher for Longer (FFL) initiative – which brings together key industry bodies, environmental groups and politicians – is helping to forge a consensus on packaging’s role in reducing the UK’s high...

Meat processors battle mandatory labels

Meat processors in the UK are set against the mandatory origin labelling of meat used as an ingredient, according to the director of the British Meat Processors Association (BMPA) Stephen...

Analyser offers better control and traceability

An online gas analyser for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) equipped thermoforming and tray-sealing machines has been designed to offer better process control and traceability.

‘Quantum leap’ in food packaging

A peelable lidding film has been introduced for ready meals that removes the need for cardboard sleeves, while delivering cost savings and reducing packaging.

Tea packager prints to envelop point of difference

Gloucester-based tea packager Infusion GB is printing directly on to enveloped tea bags for the first time, following its investment in three Domino G220i thermal ink jet printers.

Installation triples snack output

The installation of Ishida’s latest snacks packing solution - 18-head multi-head weighers and Atlas bagmakers with advanced Ishida integrated Total Packaging Systems (iTPS) software - at Kolak Snack Foods in...

'Belt and braces' barrier extends shelf-life on plastics

The possibility of doubling up oxygen barrier in in-mould labels with the same barrier in the pot itself has enabled a Scandinavian seafood firm to move from metal packaging to...

Absolut Vodka makes pack-to-pack difference

For premium brands looking for a point of difference, Absolut Vodka has blazed a trail with a second range of unique bottles, providing pack-to-pack as well as brand-to-brand differentiation.

Food promotional coding gets mobile boost

Digital promotions driven by on-pack coding are providing brands with security, the ability to market test concepts and, when combined with mobile technology, even the option of reacting to where...

Supermarkets praised for clearer pricing by government

Britain’s top 10 supermarkets have been praised by a government minister for making pricing clearer and simpler for consumers, less than a month after consumer watchdog Which? accused them of “dodgy...

Film: a day in the life of a fish box

A film showing ‘A day in the life of a fish box’ – from port to plate – has proved a surprise hit on YouTube, according to its producers, the British...

Robots help meet growth in demand for plastics

Færch Plast, which makes plastic containers for the food industry, has reported significant growth in demand for products made at its UK manufacturing facility since it was first opened in...

High-temperature film cooks the bird in the bag

Asda has introduced a range of prepared ready to be roasted whole chicken in a bag.

Blow moulders help to cut costs

German packaging machinery specialist Krones has developed a blow moulder that can produce 81,000 polyethylene terephthalate (PET) beverage containers an hour, which are then filled with product and labelled in...

Chippindale Foods’ £4.2M investment to increase output

Yorkshire-based egg producer Chippindale Foods has invested £4.2M in a new 55,000m2 production facility in Flaxby, North Yorkshire, to boost output, following growing demand for its products.

News in brief

Diageo plugs ‘packaging line in a box’

Drinks giant Diageo is using a “packaging line in a box”, which it can ship overseas to set up production runs swiftly.

Voluntary allergen labelling could be allowed by law

Controversial provisions for voluntary allergen labelling could become legally incorporated within the Food Information for Consumers Regulations (FIC), according to a leading expert in the field.

News in brief

Labelling scheme faces European challenge

The UK's voluntary Front-of-Pack (FoP) nutrition labelling scheme could yet fail to be approved as other EU Member States seek to challenge its use – particularly for food placed on their...

Testing times in water vapour transmission

Absence of an ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH) layer in board pot packaging has been found not to adversely affect water vapour transmission rates (WVTR) in tests carried out by food...

Automatic accurate weighing in sticky situations

The positioning of fresh meat and poultry in trays is said to be optimised with a new weigh batcher from Ishida Europe

Tray erector is a flexible friend

Müller Dairy at Market Drayton in Shropshire has installed a Linkx A3 carton tray erector in a project to increase the level of automation in its repack area.

Join the chilled food 'revolution'

Greencore Prepared Meals claims to have revolutionised chilled ready meals with the development of retorted meals with peelable film. The firm makes retorted chilled meals for customers such as Weight...

Will Mushroom Packaging run rings round the competition?

In May this year, Sealed Air announced the “immediate” launch of mycelium-based Mushroom Packaging cushioning in Europe. In October, it was still not commercially available in the UK. Some suspect...

Alliance aims to fill skills gap in packaging

An alliance of the Institute of Packaging Professionals (IOPP) in the UK, the Processing and Packaging Machinery Association (PPMA) and Food and Drink Federation (FDF) aims to have a new...