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Extension of welfare labelling presents ‘practical challenges’

Calls for a mandatory ‘method of production’ label on meat and dairy products could be fraught with challenges, according to a leading food industry lawyer.

New film options for the Easy-opening of packaged food

Film technology is increasingly being deployed to resolve problems of pack openability and inclusivity, with brand-owners keen not to exclude the growing proportion of consumers with limited strength and dexterity.

Fibre bottle barrier poses questions

Carlsberg’s September unveiling of its latest Green Fibre Bottle design made much of its potential contribution towards sustainability, but little emerged about the technical challenges involved in engineering adequate levels...

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Food packaging firm fined £160k for hand injuries

A company that makes packaging for food and drink manufacturers has been fined £160,000 for health and safety failures which led to a worker injuring his hand.

Circular approach to cutting packaging waste recycling costs

How can manufacturers best contribute to packaging waste recycling costs? One compliance scheme believes it has the answer. Paul Gander reports

Cancer and diet leads top 10 media story list

Food waste, meat substitutes and gut bacteria all feature in the top 10 most mentioned food terms in the media over the past 12 months – but stories about cancer...

Food packaging firm to pay £100k for thumb rip

A food packaging firm has been ordered to pay more than £100,000 for safety failings last week (November 4), after a worker’s thumb was severed.

Leak detection in modified atmosphere packs

An inline system for detecting leaks in modified atmosphere packs (MAP), AirScan from Ishida, has improved the quality control procedures and cut labour costs for a new snack product made...

Tamper-evident seals and liners upgraded

A range of two-piece wax laminated induction liners has been developed by tamper-evident cap and closure lining materials manufacturer Selig.

Village Bakery installs flow wrappers

The Village Bakery in Wrexham has recently installed two additional Fuji Alpha VII box motion flow-wrapping systems from Paramount Packaging Systems in a move designed to increase efficiencies, reduce labour...

Domino signs up to code of practice for printing inks

As a supplier of inks to the food industry and a member of the European Printing Inks Association (EuPIA), Domino Printing Sciences has signed up to the code of Good...

Bread basket stacking system on show at Gulfood

Bakery production system supplier Oddy, together with its parent Newsmith Stainless – a specialist in cleaning and handling equipment – will be displaying its capabilities at the Gulfood Manufacturing Exhibition, which takes place in...

Siemens assists in moving digital services into the cloud

Siemens announced at the PPMA Total show that, following successful trials, it planned to bring MindSphere – its cloud platform for industry – onto the open market.It...

Portable and compact continuous ink-jet printer

A compact and portable entry-level continuous ink-jet (CIJ) printer, that is capable of delivering high-quality two-line codes, was launched by Linx Printing Technologies at the PPMA Total show.

Checkweighing and vision checks get together

A system that combines both checkweighing and vision inspection in a single process, helping to prevent both label mix-up and ensure weight verification, was shown by Mettler Toledo at the...

Robots that work with humans

Some of the latest developments in human-robot collaboration were displayed by RARUK Automation, a RA Rodriguez company, at the Processing & Packaging Machinery Association (PPMA) Total Show 2016 at Birmingham’s...

‘Smart’ technology leads war against drinks fraud

Drinks’ producers are making considerable advances in the war against counterfeiting and the protection of their intellectual property (IP) rights, a leading lawyer in the field has claimed.

Food company leased packaging equipment use set to rise

The use of leased packaging equipment and other kit in the food industry could increase, according to wrapping supplier TrakRap.

Over 100 firefighters battle glass factory blaze

More than 100 firefighters battled a blaze at a glass factory in Leeds, which manufactures bottles for drinks.

Bernard Matthews blasts off with Thunderbirds range

Bernard Matthews has agreed to a licensing deal with ITV to produce Thunderbirds Are Go turkey products, as the turkey producer blasts off it’s first-ever licensed range.


Many small food firms are using illegal labels

Many small food and drink manufacturers could soon be breaking the law – if they are not already – by putting misleading and, therefore, illegal information on their packs.

Antimicrobial growth led by clean-label

The use of in-pack antimicrobials and other forms of active packaging is likely to be driven over the next few years by both the shelf-life requirements of ‘clean-label’ formulations with...

Food fraud fears on nutritional labels

Thousands of small food and drink manufacturers, including many of the 40,000 artisan producers in the UK supplying directly to consumers, could be breaking the law for illegal nutritional labelling...

‘May contain’ labels to be reassessed

‘May contain’ precautionary labelling of foods for the accidental presence of allergens could become far more useful for those suffering allergies, as scientists develop a “risk management toolbox” for industry, covering threshold...

Innocent Drinks in recycling innovation

A waste management finance scheme based on Packaging Recovery Notes (PRNs), which links a producer’s obligated payments with specific recycling investments, is set to support Innocent Drinks in a move...

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