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Wiseman breaks new ground with reverse osmosis plant

1 commentBy Elaine Watson , 04-Jan-2011
Last updated on 05-Jan-2011 at 11:17 GMT2011-01-05T11:17:20Z

Wiseman breaks new ground with reverse osmosis plant

Robert Wiseman Dairies has scored a first for its sector with the installation of a reverse osmosis plant that will purify water leaving its on-site effluent treatment plant at Bridgwater to such a degree that it can be re-used in the dairy.

While reverse osmosis technology is widely used to clean up waste water so that it can be safely poured down the drain or to reclaim milk solids from waste water for cheese/milk powder production, the Bridgwater plant enables the treated water to be re-used as food-grade for cleaning.

The technology, which will help Wiseman save 200,000 litres of water a day, will also be rolled out to other Wiseman sites, a spokesman told

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Effluent control in Somerset

Firms in the Bridgwater/somerset area need to be very sensitive to all aspects of environment control, the ex Express Dairies contract drying & agglomerating facility Superior Powders Ltd just outside Bridgwater in Bason Bridge is also in the process of installing a RO plant for waste water /effluent control, this will improve all aspects of process waste control.

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Posted by Cheryl Lockett- independant Food technology consultant
10 January 2011 | 09h552011-01-10T09:55:54Z