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Stromboli wort boiler throws up major energy savings for brewers

Last updated on 03-Jul-2010 at 01:25 GMT2010-07-03T01:25:20Z

It's possible to brew first-class beers without using vast amounts of energy.

The Stromboli wort boiling system from Krones consumes up to 40% less energy than its conventional counterparts. Which is why Krones has awarded the ultra-economical boiling concept the enviro seal.

To be allowed to award the enviro seal, Krones had to satisfy a certified standard procedure in which all the system's relevant consumption figures were documented.

The award of the enviro seal was based on a whole series of features incorporated in the Stromboli system. One of the key technologies is the low total evaporation of just 3-4%, and an energy use precisely matched to the boiling phase. These permit energy savings of up to 4.5kWh per hectolitre of wort.

At a total evaporation level of 4%, energy recovery systems can be deployed to optimum effect. And less water is consumed during the wort production process.

Optimum insulation of the vessel and the piping, moreover, has enabled Krones to achieve lower heat losses.

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