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Robotics now part of machine controls


The revolution in processor power, drive and servo motor performance and miniaturisation has meant that robotic control can now be integrated into standard machine control equipment. This has had a significant impact on the food industry by reducing costs.

All sorts of robotic equipment, which previously needed specific control systems, can now run with standard equipment.

Siemens' Simotion range has been developed to include standard function blocks that are designed specifically to control a range of robotic equipment and allow operators to control multiple machine functions from a single central control point.

For example, two machines usually required to place a product into a carton via a robotic top loader - a carton erector with a smart infeed system and a robotic pick and place unit. In the Simotion unit, the robotic element is integral to the system, creating a single, fully integrated machine out of the two.

The single network control also allows faster throughput and greater flexibility at lower cost.

Contact: Siemens Tel: 0161 446 6645

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