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Meat cooling system cuts emissions

Last updated on 12-May-2011 at 15:33 GMT2011-05-12T15:33:29Z

Meat processor Scotbeef has chosen a high-efficiency cooling system from Star Refrigeration to provide accurate temperature control for a new post slaughter chill area, beef quarters chill room and boning room at its Stirling factory.

Star designed and installed a ammonia-packaged Azanechiller system including pumps with variable speed drives, six ceiling-mounted glycol coolers and a computerised control system.

Scotbeef's low-charge ammonia Azanechiller is a central pumped glycol system with a total cooling capacity of 365kW. The unit is fully packaged and located externally.

Star developed Azanechiller which can cool both water and glycol for environmentally conscious end users. Ammonia is a naturally occurring refrigerant with zero ozone depletion potential and zero global warming potential.

Star's key account manager Grant Buchanan says: "Azanechiller typically offers a 30% increase in performance compared with standard hydrofluorocarbon chillers. Its packaged design and component selection result in an ultra-low refrigerant charge, with all ammonia contained within the chiller."

He adds: "Only an electrical supply and flow/return pipework is required to provide cooling. This cuts down site installation and commissioning time, while avoiding the need for a plant room."

Each unit includes two screw compressors, low noise drive motors, a low charge, low pressure receiver and semi-welded PHE evaporator. A computerised control system offers a touch screen interface and broadband connection for offsite remote monitoring.

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