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Horse meat scandal ‘undermines integrity’ of British food: NFU

By Mike Stones , 08-Feb-2013

The horse meat scandal underlined the need for the Red Tractor scheme, said Peter Kendall

The horse meat scandal underlined the need for the Red Tractor scheme, said Peter Kendall

Revelations that Findus lasagne contained up to 100% horse meat are an attack on “the integrity” of British food and underline the need for the Red Tractor logo, warns the National Farmers Union (NFU).

Peter Kendall, National Farmers Union president, said: “We are concerned about the ramifications for the industry as a whole which is why we are meeting with retailers, food service companies, processors, as well as the FSA [Food Standards Agency and DEFRA [Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs], to establish the facts and seek reassurance that the integrity of British food is maintained.

‘Completely undermined’

“This whole system of quality is being completely undermined by failures within the supply chain and reinforces our call for clearer labelling and a commitment from retailers to British produce.”

Kendall advised shoppers should look for the Red Tractor logo on their fresh meat. The label shows   which the products “have been produced to world-class standards, which are independently inspected,” he said.

British farmers were “rightly angry” and about the contaminated processed meat products. “The contamination took place post farm gate which farmers have no control over,” he said.

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