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Hole lot of trouble ahead for
unmaintained factory yards

Last updated on 03-Jul-2010 at 00:47 GMT2010-07-03T00:47:39Z

Pot holes in factory yards, warehouses and distribution centres caused by the winter's freezing weather could damage forklift trucks working in the area and present health and safety issues, materials handling company Jungheinrich has warned.

"There are no shortages of pot-hole repair kits available on the internet," says Peter Scott, Jungheinrich UK's health and safety manager. "Invest in one as soon as possible and get the repair done before your truck fleet is damaged or one of your workers is involved in an accident that is the result of driving a forklift over a pot hole."

Unlike cars, forklifts do not have sophisticated suspension systems, so driving one over a pot hole could damage the truck's axle and tyres. Deep pot holes could also tip forklifts over, particularly if the truck has a raised load.

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