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Dearne Valley Foods restores limited production after fire disaster

By Ben Bouckley , 14-Jul-2010
Last updated on 14-Jul-2010 at 17:29 GMT2010-07-14T17:29:20Z

Dearne Valley Foods has already re-established one production line at a neighbouring site and is striving to restore another following a fire that devastated its main factory.

Firefighters were called to the firm’s site in Thurnscoe near Doncaster early on Tuesday morning and contained the blaze that caused 80% damage and threatened to envelop two 10,000-litre oil containers and the firm’s offices.

The factory employed 200 staff and produced prepared foods such as pork pies and sandwiches for leading retailers and the cash and carry sector.

Meeting client demand

A spokesman for Dearne Valley Foods told “We’ve already re-established one production line at a smaller neighbouring plant and are adding additional equipment to install another.

“The company has contacted our customers and suppliers to discuss how we can move forward in terms of meeting our commitments.”

He said it was too early to say whether the firm would resurrect the current site or establish a new facility, given that it still needed to assess damage at the main site.

South Yorkshire Fire Service released a statement yesterday saying that the fire began in a deep fat fryer and spread to the factory roof.

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