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Block dicer chops carbon footprint

Last updated on 03-Jul-2010 at 01:34 GMT2010-07-03T01:34:47Z

German manufacturer Magurit has launched its new Dicecut 502 block dicer for the production of cubes and strips from frozen blocks of foodstuff.

The machine offers a fully-integrated Euro 2 or US block-size dicer, giving cubes from 10mm to 50mm, as well as strips of any size up to 60mm in thickness.

It will handle a wide range of frozen foods, including meat, fish and poultry products.

Cutting temperatures of between -5°C and -18°C are achievable, depending on the application.

The compact size of the Dicecut 502 and the use of modern servomotor technology means this machine offers high throughputs at a lower investment cost, saving on factory floor space and reducing a factory's carbon footprint.

The machine can be cleaned in just a few seconds with a high pressure washer.

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