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Bleach-free sanitising simplifies factory clean-up


Syspal's Sagewash is set to revolutionise the sanitising process in hygiene-conscious industries. The Sagewash Sanitiser uses a hose-end sprayer that cleans, sanitises and eliminates odours while blasting away dirt with a jet of water.

The secret lies in the patented sanitising system that is contained within the Sagewash unit.

The sanitising system is precisely calibrated and scientifically designed and tested to produce a consistently measured solution of hypochlorous acid that is up to 120 times more effective than liquid bleach, yet is absolutely safe.

Users simply have to insert a tablet into the Sagewash Sanitiser and pull the trigger to release a jet of dilute hypochlorous acid.

This kills bugs within seconds, yet there is no need to rinse surfaces afterwards. Once the Sagewash solution has evaporated, the chlorine and related substances are gone as well. The solution is non-corrosive and it is safe to have skin contact with surfaces that have just been sprayed. Sagewash will remove many stains and whiten most surfaces.

Contact: Syspal Tel: 01952 883188

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