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The culture of European growth

Last updated on 04-Jan-2013 at 18:04 GMT2013-01-04T18:04:41Z

The culture of European growth

DuPont Nutrition & Health aims to accelerate growth within eastern Europe with the launch of its range of mesophilic cultures for Tvarog.

Tvarog is a popular curd-based cheese that has a consistency between cottage and fresh cheese. Making its traditional taste and texture is a challenge that comes down to precise process timing, and the right culture, says DuPont.

It has developed the Probat 800 range to add consistency to the process of making Tvarog while improving functionality and giving the cheese a mild lactic acid flavour.

Early gas and flavour formation can only be achieved with the right strain balance and specific acidification curve. Probat's optimised gas formation is said to give Tvarog its required consistency, while its faster fermentation gives a creamy, rounded taste and a mild, lactic acid flavour.

"Tapping into this unique eastern European market, will enable us to attract a broader customer base by solving the challenges facing Tvarog manufacturers," says Annie Mornet, global product manager.

Contact: DuPont


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