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Pea has muscle to replace meat

Last updated on 04-Jan-2012 at 17:15 GMT2012-01-04T17:15:47Z

Vegetable protein texturising specialist Sotexpro and starch manufacturer Roquette have teamed up to offer new prospects for meat substitution using a pea-based texturiser.

The product has been developed for ready-meal manufacturers, which have been mainly limited to using proteins obtained from wheat and soybean.

Marketed by Sotexpro under the brandname Texta pois 65/70, the product is obtained by an extrusion-cooking process.

After rehydration, the textured pea protein has a fibrous aspect and a texture comparable with that of meat. Also called 'meat extender', textured pea protein is a partial substitute for meat in burgers, meat balls and chicken nuggets. For example, in a typical burger steak the rehydrated textured pea protein combined with beef can represent up to 30% and more of the end product. Without any vegetable aftertaste, it promises meat's texture and juiciness.

Texta pois 65/70 also has the benefits of being gluten-, genetically modified organism- and soybean-free. Philippe Lavotte, sales manager for France Protein Services, says: "These solutions fulfil allergen control requirements since the pea is not a major allergen requiring labelling."

Contact: Sotexpro

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