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American gum arabic replacer invades Europe

Last updated on 01-Mar-2012 at 12:43 GMT2012-03-01T12:43:24Z

US firm TIC Gums is bringing its gum arabic replacement product to the confectionery industry in Europe. The firm says its Ticapan 311 coating system will bind sugar and sugar alcohol syrup in confectionery coating and panning applications and claims its performance is comparable to that of traditional gum arabic at approximately 20% less costs.

Ticapan 311 can be used to seal and/or polish confectionery. It can polish the outer shells of chewing gum, form the crunchy surface of jelly beans, enrobe sweets with soft centres or seal those with high amounts of oils such as chocolate covered nuts, malted milk balls and cake decorations.

Its maker says the coating system is best used as a one-to-one replacement for gum arabic, which is used between 2% and 4% in the syrup formulation. It is also standardised to the same viscosity as gum arabic solutions of up to 50% concentration. Ticapan 311 is whiter in colour and can reduce the overall amount of whitening agents.

Gum arabic is hard to source and subject to unstable pricing.

Contact: TIC Gums