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Specialists in food technology, processing equipment and ingredients

The Interfood Group of companies comprises the holding company, Interfood Technology Ltd, under which three dedicated divisions operate: Interfood Product Development Ltd, Interfood Systems Ltd and Interfood Slicing Ltd.

Collectively the Group offers a team of food processing engineers and product specialists providing sales, service and support for the food industry. Since its formation in 1999, Interfood has represented major manufacturers in food processing equipment, including German based clipping technology experts Poly-clip and slicing specialists Weber. The company has grown year on year, adding to the list of manufacturers for whom they are the sole distributors in the UK and Ireland, carefully selecting equipment to enable the company to extend its capabilities into new areas in line with a philosophy which is very much based on ‘total processing’. Some 90 percent of Interfood’s business is in the meat and poultry industry and they number many of the major processors amongst their customers.

2008 saw the introduction of the divisions as a natural progression to provide dedicated support for the main areas within the business. The company philosophy has always been to focus on the total processing line, from functional ingredients right through to post packet pasteurisation, with just about everything in between. After-sales service is also a prime focus for Interfood, and includes maintenance contracts, repair servicing, training and optimisation programmes.

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