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UK jobs ‘unlikely’ to be hit by DSM restructure

Global ingredients manufacturer Royal DSM’s plans to slash up to 1,100 jobs across its business are ‘unlikely to affect’ British workers, a source close to the firm has said.

Alamgeer Foods invests £100k on spice imports

Food manufacturer and importer Alamgeer Foods has started importing more spices and ingredients from Asia after securing a £100,000 financial package.

Give us clearer alcohol labels: drinkers

Nearly half of British drinkers want clearer labelling of alcohol contents, while one in five people in the over 65 age group who drink alcohol consume “unsafe” levels, according to new research....

Britons to drink less alcohol, as health warnings rise

More Britons are cutting back on booze, reveals new research from Mintel, as warnings about the dangers of even moderate alcohol consumption rise.

MSC trials traceability tool against seafood fraud

The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) has been undertaking trials of a new seafood traceability tool in response to increasing incidents of fraud in the sector, where non-sustainable fish varieties are...

Bakkavor backs innovation and … unusual veg

Bakkavor has unveiled a showcase of unusual vegetable varieties to be included in its products, a week after a University scientist stressed the company’s commitment to vegetable innovation.

News in brief

Fragmentation affects top five cheese brands

Fragmentation of the global dairy sector has dented the sales of the top five cheese brands, new figures from research firm Canadean show.

Gut bacteria research targets Crohn’s disease

The treatment of gastro-intestinal and metabolic diseases, such as Crohn’s, will be given a boost after leading scientists announced a global project to develop bacterial products targeted at improving gut...

Flavour firm opens in Japan

Givaudan, a global flavour and fragrance house, has pumped more than €11.5M into a new Tokyo-based technical centre.

Crop strains developed in ‘no time’

French grain co-operative Limagrain is using the latest gene selection techniques and advanced computer technology to speed up the development of wheat and maize varieties with characteristics that provide benefits...

Revealed: what shoppers want from food labelling

Consumers around the world are more label-conscious than ever before, according to new research from global colouring foods firm GNT.

Better labelling regulations drive gluten-free sales higher

Gluten-free product launches accounted for 10% of new food products globally, which was partly due to better labelling rules, new data from Innova Market Insights has shown.


Cognitive health wars

A rise in consumer demand for brain-boosting food and drink is sparking a debate between industry and health experts. Nicholas Robinson reports


It’s fibre’s turn!

With the prospect of fibre recommendations rising to 30g a day for adults from 24g a day, how can diets be adjusted to bring average intakes up from the current...


Never mind free sugar, what about the fibre?

Judging from the press coverage it received, it would be easy to get the impression that the recommendations to halve the total daily energy intake derived from free sugars in...

Food fraudsters targeting oregano a ‘major problem’

Food fraudsters are substituting dried oregano with other herbs, such as olive and myrtle leaves, reflecting a “major problem” in the herb and spices sector, according to Professor Chris Elliott.

Vitamin D deficiency in UK population offers fortification opportunities

More opportunities could arise for the fortification of food and drink with vitamin D following news that most people in the UK are not getting enough sunlight during the winter...

SACN report

Sugar intake should be halved, says SACN report

The government should halve the recommended daily intake of sugar, an influential committee of nutrition experts has advised in a widely anticipated report.


Confusion over saturated fats

The reporting of the US Department of Agriculture’s (USDA’s) decision to join the rest of the world in recognising that dietary cholesterol does not have a big impact on blood...

Japan signs Alga Tech deal

Alga Technologies, an Israeli-based astaxanthin producer, has signed a deal to supply Fujifilm in Japan with AstaPure, which will be used in the firm's Astalift skin care products.

Cater for single consumers

Processors must focus less on manufacturing products for families and instead turn their attention to single elderly and single millennial (those aged 18-29) consumers, market analysts have suggested.

Brain health drinks could be as big as energy drinks

Demand for psychoactive drinks for adults is exploding, following new research showing the cognitive health benefits of various natural products, a leading analyst has claimed.

New fat database aims to cut cost and food waste

A new bakery fat database developed by New Britain Oils (NBO), in conjunction with the UK pastry producer Pork Farms, can cut wastage and downtime, NBO claims.

Top food trend: Mexican food

Mexican food has knocked Chinese food off the top spot as the nation’s favourite foreign cuisine, according to research organisation Future Thinking.


Carbs, lies and money

A life in the public eye wasn’t something Professor Ian MacDonald thought he had signed up for after starting his academic career. Recently, though, he’s had to deal with reporters...