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Clean-label: clean to the extreme

Clean-label is more than a fad, but there's a risk of going too far.

Natural plant extract proven to preserve meat shelf-life

A natural plant extract that can preserve frozen meat without negatively impacting its flavour, odour or colour, has been developed by Kemin.

Rice starch in clean-label first

A ‘clean-label’ rice starch that is said to perform well under harsh processing conditions such as low pH, high temperature or high shear, has been introduced by Beneo.


Plant proteins - a valuable resource

Food and nutrition considerations are often short-term, but there is a far bigger picture that needs a lot more attention.

New soya protein fibre aims to improve meat texture

A functional soya protein fibre developed to control moisture retention and improve texture in meat products was unveiled at last month’s IFFA show in Frankfurt, Germany.

High fat diet can cause kidney damage

A high fat food diet can cause as much damage to the kidney as diabetes, according to a study published in Experimental Physiology.

Brazilian barbecue seasonings tap into Rio 2016 trend

A spicy Brazilian ingredient blend to celebrate the forthcoming Rio 2016 Olympics, as well as two new barbecue seasonings and an alternative stuffing mix, have been launched by EHL Ingredients.

Label awareness is the biggest habit change

A high level of shopper awareness over the proposed sugar tax on soft drinks has not yet translated into any comparable change in shopper behaviour – but concern over sugar...

Food and drink industry ‘delaying’ UK obesity plans

Food and drink manufacturers have “delayed and eroded” government plans to tackle obesity, claimed the lobby group Action on Sugar (AoS), after the publication of a new report by the Obesity...

The big interview

Sugar tax is 'not logical’ says soft drinks boss

British Soft Drinks Association boss Gavin Partington cannot find any logic in the soft drinks tax, reports Noli Dinkovski.

Families outstrip celebrities as children’s healthy living role models

Family members are the strongest role models for influencing children’s healthy eating and physical activity habits, according to one of the largest online surveys of school children in the UK...

Fraud prevention guide unveiled for herbs and spices

A guide to protect manufacturers from buying adulterated or substituted herbs and spices has been launched in a landmark joint industry initiative.

News in brief

Müller’s Aberdeen dairy to close today

Müller Milk & Ingredients is to close its Aberdeen dairy today (June 10) with the loss of 87 jobs.

Flowering plant extract can meet sports nutrition demand

Growing demand for nitrate in sports nutrition products is being met by a new ingredient extracted from the flowering plant Amaranthus.

Obesity forum: ‘No plans’ to replace board members

The National Obesity Forum (NOF) has no plans to replace the four members who resigned last week – after a controversial pro-fat report was released by mistake – according to the organisation.

Chia leads consumer drive for ‘superfoods’

The number of products with ‘superfood’ claims has surged in recent years on the back of continuing demand for healthy food, Mintel has found.

Health agenda is a big opportunity for bakery

Foods that tap into the health and wellbeing agenda provide a “massive opportunity” for industry innovators and entrepreneurs – but making money from healthy products remains a huge challenge.

Trade associations monitor US plans to cut sodium

UK exporters are watching developments across the Atlantic closely, following the US publication of ambitious sodium targets for food manufacturers.

Coca-Cola could face £226M sugar tax

The Coca-Cola Company could face a bill as high as £226M a year under the sugar tax, if it doesn’t pass on the increased charge for its sugary drinks to...


Brexit will ‘damage UK food manufacturing’: survey

Most respondents (60%) in a ‘state-of-the-industry’ survey, conducted by this website, fear a vote to leave the EU on June 23 will be bad for their businesses, increasing the costs...

Philosopher ‘naive’ over Daily Mail processed food comment: FDF

The Food and Drink Federation (FDF) has accused a philosopher of being “naive” after he stated that modern food processing was a danger to health. 


‘Irresponsible’ dietary guidance under flak

A report from the National Obesity Forum (NOF) in association with Public Health Collaboration has come under flak from Public Health England (PHE), Food Standards Scotland (FSS) and the British...

Sugar tax is destined to fail, claims legal expert

The proposed sugar tax on soft drinks is likely to fail in its intended aim of reducing calorie intake as consumers will simply trade down to cheaper, own-label variants, a...

Manufacturers want ‘whole package’ from suppliers

Food and drink manufacturers are increasingly asking for “the whole package” from their ingredients suppliers, a leading flavour producer has claimed.

Brexit Debate

Brexit fears driving up food and drink prices

Market fears over the UK’s potential exit from Europe are driving up food and drink costs, warns buying specialist Lynx Purchasing.

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