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Retailers should trust suppliers’ innovation teams

Since the big ‘re-set’ of the supermarket shelves, where scores of products vied for a reduced and downsized space allocation, we have seen an escalation in own-label activity.

Food supplements decline boosts plant extract

Diminishing consumer trust in supplements and a clamour for shorter ingredient lists has led to a surge in demand for a plant extract, its maker claimed.

Five-strong honey range goes back to nature

A flavour producer has worked with a beekeeping society to develop five recognisable ‘true-to-nature’ honey variants.


Government advice on vitamin D supplements

In the UK, one-in-five older children and adults has a low vitamin D level in their blood.

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Meat powders fulfil growing demand

A range of meat proteins has been launched in response to growing demand from the food industry for nutritionally high-protein products.

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Plant protein shown to boost life expectancy

Replacing meat with plant-based sources of protein significantly increases life expectancy, according to a decades-long study in the US.

Maltster’s plant harbours antibiotics potential

A Suffolk maltster is investigating the potential that its anaerobic digestion (AD) plant is producing antibiotics that could potentially be developed as a medicine to combat Micrococcus and drug resistant...


Weight management: it’s in the blood

There is renewed interest in blood sugar management as an approach to combat obesity.

‘Nut free’ nut flavours tap into allergen-free trend

A new nut flavour range completely free of any nut components has been claimed by its producer to be as authentic as the real thing.

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Chicory root fibre shown to lower diabetes risk

Two research studies, conducted by Professor Gary Frost and his team from Imperial College London, and funded by Diabetes UK, have shown three major beneficial effects of Beneo’s chicory root...

Obesity reduction will be challenging, scientists warn

Food experts and lobby groups have criticised the government’s long-awaited childhood obesity strategy for focusing too heavily on sugar at the detriment of overall calorie intake.

University opens up taste panel testing to public

Cardiff Metropolitan University is opening its food sensory evaluation testing to the public to allow food and drink businesses to access data from specific demographic groups.

‘Mary Poppins Act’ needed to reduce sugar intake

The UK will probably strengthen rules governing the front-of-pack nutrition labelling of food and drink packs – something it has been restricted from doing as part of the EU –...

Sugar intake in children is double daily allowance

Children between the ages of four and 10 are consuming twice as much sugar as their recommended daily allowance, despite intake from sugar-sweetened soft drinks falling, according to Public Health...

Personalised nutrition can drive better eating habits

People who receive personalised nutrition advice develop healthier eating habits over those who are offered generic ‘five-a-day’ advice, a pan-European study has found.

Dairy products for toddlers offer untapped potential

Products formulated for toddlers with nutrition-rich dairy ingredients represent a major untapped opportunity for food and drink manufacturers, a supplier has claimed.

Neonicotinoids in rape linked to bee decline

Research that links neonicotinoid seed treated oilseed rape crops with the long-term population decline of wild bee species has further raised concerns about insecticide use, scientists have suggested.

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Ice cream maker ruled to breach EU health claim

An ice cream maker has breached an EU health claim over statements made on its website in regard to sugar, calcium and vitamins.

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Only one-in-five benefit from vitamin E intake

Only one fifth of the global population achieves enough vitamin E to gain from its health benefits, a DSM-backed review of studies has found.

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Chocolate and caramel top ice cream flavours

Chocolate and caramel are leading flavour innovation in the ice cream market – at the expense of vanilla – according to latest market figures.

Contaminated ingredients lead EU food safety alerts

High levels of mercury in fish, aflatoxins – a type of mould – in nuts, and salmonella in fruit and vegetables, were among the most notified food safety risks last...

‘Flavour-retaining’ concord grape-juice powder debuts at IFT

A concord grape juice powder made from a dehydration process that is claimed to remove all the juice’s water while remaining its flavour and colour debuted at Chicago’s IFT show...

Government guidelines propose vitamin D supplements in the diet

People in the UK need to consider dietary supplementation of the essential vitamin D in their diets to compensate for the absence of that produced in the body from exposure...

Texture-improving clean-label starches launched by Ingredion

Two clean-label starches aimed at improving the texture and stability in products such as yogurts, soups and sauces have been launched by Ingredion.

FSA launches campaign against rare burgers

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has launched its food safety campaign – ‘Burgers aren’t like steaks’ – warning the public against serving rare burgers at home.