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Food ingredients sales boosted by Great British Bake Off

The increased popularity of baking created by the BBC’s Great British Bake Off (GBBO) saw a rise in spending on ingredients, revealed a study by food marketing agency Kindred....


Bone and joint health: bank on it

Maintaining calcium levels while young is crucial in helping to prevent osteoporosis in later life.


Diet and nutrition survey results are a mixed bag

The latest National Diet and Nutrition Survey (NDNS) results reveal a few improvements.

‘Ultra-processed’ concept slammed by top academic

A growing association between the concept of “ultra-processed” foods and nutrition-related health problems has been criticised by a leading professor in the field.

Health perception key to lactose-free growth

The growth of lactose-free milk in emerging markets is being driven more by its perceived health benefits than people’s lactose intolerance, new research has found.

Barley collaboration project displays its naked ambition

A type of barley that was last grown in the UK 80 years ago is available commercially again after a project to revive it proved a success.

Fat and sugar replacers get show debut

A range of functional ingredients designed to enable sugar and fat reduction in practically any food, without affecting quality and taste, was debuted at last month’s Intrafood show in Belgium....


Food fads: should we do more to protect consumers?

We have taken an interest in the future of food we since forming since Bingham and Jones. But there are some moments in development that get you really thinking about...

Omega-3 rich flaxseed oil claimed to boost heart health

The nutritional oils market has been boosted with the arrival of a new omega-3 rich product made from flaxseed.

Sweetener industry body returns bias accusation

An international sweeteners body has slammed a study that claimed industry-supported research into low-calorie sweetened beverages and weight outcomes was more likely to show favourable results.

Scottish £250k funding aimed at improving food culture

The Scottish government is spending £250,000 to improve Scotland’s diet, after further evidence emerged that most Scots do not follow healthy eating recommendations.

Tate & Lyle invests in oat factory extension

Tate & Lyle has expanded the capacity of its ingredients manufacturing factory in Kimstad, Sweden, as part of a continuing $100M investment drive in its Speciality Food Ingredients division.

National diet and nutrition survey divides experts

The latest government survey on the dietary habits of the UK population has brought a mixture of encouragement and concern from nutrition experts.

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Apple-based ingredient for challenging foods

An apple-based ingredient designed to be added to typically challenging products has had its range extended.

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Processed snacks ‘undermine’ traditional dried fruits

The popularity of dried fruit snacks containing added sugar is undermining the nutritional value of traditional dried fruits, a US-based dietitian has warned.

Vegetarian Express £5.6M deal to open delivery routes

Plant-based foods supplier Vegetarian Express has appointed a former-Premier Foods chief operating officer (coo) Tim Kelly as its new chief executive, after a funding management company bought a controlling interest...

Baker’s insect cakes bake up a storm

A bakery in Edinburgh has launched cakes made from insects to boost their reputation as alternative sources of protein.

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Egg nutrient gets recommended daily intake level

Choline, a little-known nutrient that has been shown to benefit pregnant women and babies, has for the first time been given a recommended daily intake level by European Food Safety...

‘May contain’ labels to be reassessed

‘May contain’ precautionary labelling of foods for the accidental presence of allergens could become far more useful for those suffering allergies, as scientists develop a “risk management toolbox” for industry, covering threshold...

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Customised fruit and veg juices unveiled

A range of juice contents and blends of fruits and vegetables, customised to specific target groups and consumption situations, has been unveiled by Wild Flavors & Specialty Ingredients (WFSI).

Tesco to sell mushrooms enriched with vitamin D

Tesco is to launch the UK’s first range of mushrooms which are grown in extra light to naturally enhance their vitamin D levels.

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Binder for egg products wins US approval

A clean-label binder is receiving a global push after being cleared for use in processed egg products in the US.


Retailers should trust suppliers’ innovation teams

Since the big ‘re-set’ of the supermarket shelves, where scores of products vied for a reduced and downsized space allocation, we have seen an escalation in own-label activity.

Food supplements decline boosts plant extract

Diminishing consumer trust in supplements and a clamour for shorter ingredient lists has led to a surge in demand for a plant extract, its maker claimed.

Five-strong honey range goes back to nature

A flavour producer has worked with a beekeeping society to develop five recognisable ‘true-to-nature’ honey variants.


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