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Four chocolate trends to help manufacturers

Exploiting four top chocolate trends – indulgent, premium, healthy and sustainable – will help manufacturers make the best of changing consumer trends, it was revealed in a Cargill report this week.

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Ingredients firms should battle to bust consumer myths: Innova

Food and drink ingredients makers should do more to fight bad science and misinformed consumer opinion, a leading trends analyst has claimed.

Cheese cultures cut ripening times by 50%

Producers of cheeses such as Manchego, Gouda and Edammer are now able to halve their ripening times without compromising on quality, the maker of a new cheese culture has claimed.

Extracts range offers concentrated antioxidant boost

A line of extracts claimed to deliver high concentrations of antioxidants has been introduced by Archer Daniels Midland (ADM).

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Maltster Muntons takes on new farm co-operative

A farmer-owned grain co-operative has won a contract to become one of only two ‘strategic suppliers’ of malting barley to Muntons.

Red grape antioxidant earns EU safety status

An antioxidant found in the skin of red grapes has been declared safe to use by the European Food Safety Authority.

Fat-reducing stabiliser offers starch-free benefits

A new stabiliser that is claimed to reduce the fat content of mayonnaise without compromising texture has been introduced by Hydrosol.

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Palm oil-free emulsifier gets UK launch

A range of palm oil-free emulsifiers designed for a wide range of products has been launched by Thew Arnott.

Nestlé in ‘groundbreaking’ 40% sugar cut research

Nestlé claims to have found a way to reduce the sugar content of its chocolate by 40%, without affecting taste.

Seafood market set for continued growth

Global seafood consumption is set to continue to grow, but the industry’s future health depends on sustainable fishing, a research company has claimed.

Health Ingredients Europe 2016 – in tweets

One of Europe’s biggest food and drink ingredients shows, Health Ingredients Europe (HiE), returned to Germany this week. We capture some of the biggest trends from the event in tweets....

FDF holds anti-soft drinks levy stance despite member apathy

The Food and Drink Federation (FDF) has maintained that a soft drinks sugar tax wouldn’t improve public health, after some of its members claimed they have “no position” on the levy....

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Childhood obesity plan to target leisure centre food

Leisure centres are to be encouraged to offer healthier food and drink choices in a new initiative set out in the government’s childhood obesity plan.


Is a lack of creativity hindering novel foods?

Novel foods that are aiming to save the planet in some way – whether it be sustainable protein, sources of uncommon essential nutrients, or alternatives to animal proteins – are...

Protein packed pulses range for dairy and beverages

Two pulse-based ranges have been boosted with new products that are said to enhance flavour content without impacting taste.


Energy and endurance: the ketone kings

A low-carbohydrate diet is usually associated with people trying to lose weight, but another group of carb-cutting enthusiasts is emerging.


How mindful eating can boost positive dietary choices

The concept of mindful eating as a means of driving healthy dietary choices is attracting attention.

Cereal firms defend sugar and salt content levels

Leading cereal manufacturers are striving to slash sugar and salt content, according to the Association of Cereal Food Manufacturers (ACFM), after it was revealed that more than half of Kellogg’s...

Yoplait reduces sugar in Petits Filous yogurts

Yoplait is to reduce the amount of sugar in its Petits Filous children’s yogurts by 17%, as part of a number of reformulations across its range of products.

British Nutrition Foundation targets myths in media

The widespread misunderstanding among huge swathes of the public about nutrition science has led the British Nutrition Foundation (BNF) to embark on a programme of work to make this complex...

Food Matters Live – in tweets

New product development, obesity and the future of nutrition dominated discussions at this year’s Food Matters Live event at the ExCel, London. 

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HiE: Calcium, fibres, fruit extracts and sugar replacers

This year’s Health Ingredients Europe (HiE) and Natural Ingredients (Ni) shows – taking place at Messe Frankfurt from November 29 to December 1 – will be a showcase for the...

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HiE: Processing, testing and traceability

This year’s Health Ingredients Europe (HiE) and Natural Ingredients (Ni) shows – taking place at Messe Frankfurt from November 29 to December 1 – will be a showcase for the...

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HiE: Peptides and proteins

This year’s Health Ingredients Europe (HiE) and Natural Ingredients (Ni) shows – taking place at Messe Frankfurt from November 29 to December 1 – will be a showcase for the...


HiE: A show with health at its heart

Creating ingredients of nutritional value to consumers has been a key food innovation driver in recent years, and the upcoming Health Ingredients Europe (HiE) and Natural Ingredients (Ni) shows will...

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