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Pernod Ricard adds nutrition info link on labels

Drinks giant Pernod Ricard is to provide a link to nutrition information on the labels of all of its leading brands, following a move by the European Commission (EC) to...

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Gluten-free sales can be boosted by ‘worried-well’

Food manufacturers can boost their gluten-free sales by capitalising on the “worried well” – healthy people who make self-diagnoses – a report has found.

IGD launches free reformulation workshops

Food and drink manufacturers looking to reformulate their products are set to receive a helping hand, thanks to new workshops organised by grocery think-tank IGD.


Vitafoods Europe: grounds for optimism

With the UK voting to leave the EU and Donald Trump winning the US presidency, it’s fair to say we’ve had a year of political shocks.

Tax on sugary drinks may be extended after review

The sugar tax on soft drinks, which was passed by parliament on Tuesday [April 25] and will come into force next April, could be extended to a raft of other...

Chocolate coatings claimed to meet indulgence trend

A coatings and fillings range has been extended to meet three key cocoa and chocolate trends.

Artificial sweetener claim rejected by pro-industry body

A claim that artificial sweeteners have a negative effect on the gut biome have been rejected by a pro-industry body.

How you eat influences what you eat, report finds

The way people eat has a direct influence on their food choices and satisfaction levels, according to a new report.


Lack of probiotics progress fails to slow gut health market

Research into the ability of probiotics to support healthy digestive function over the years has been significant.


Family Food survey reveals fruit and veg decline

The 75th annual government survey of UK food purchasing, now called the Family Food survey, was published in March.

Sugar tax announcement divides opinion

Parliament’s decision to approve the sugary drinks tax has been greeted by both praise and condemnation.

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Dairy can ‘preserve’ muscle-mass in older people

Dairy can potentially help preserve muscle mass and function as people get older, a leading nutritionist has claimed.

Food snacking trends under sustainability spotlight

Food snacking trends are probed from the perspective of sustainable ingredients sourcing in the Food Manufacture Group’s latest free webinar to take place at 3pm on Thursday June 15.

Drinks group slams stroke link to diet soft drinks

A report linking drinking diet soft drinks to an increased risk of stroke has been slammed by the British Soft Drinks Association (BSDA).

Sugar and sodium cuts lead global reformulation

More than 180,000 consumer goods were reformulated in 2016, with sugar and sodium the most targeted for removal by the food and drink industry, a global report has found.

Not eating dairy puts young adults’ health at risk

Up to 3M young adults are putting their future health at risk by cutting dairy from their diet, warned The National Osteoporosis Society (NOS), as the number of children drinking...

First health claim in sight for vitamin B12 probiotic

The first probiotic to gain a health claim from the EU has moved a step nearer, after a Dutch firm claimed it had managed to modify bacteria to produce substantial...

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Vitamin D and the opportunity for food manufacturers

Foods that can contribute towards good bone health could have an increasing role to play in UK diets. 

Turmeric sales boosted by health benefit awareness

Turmeric’s popularity continues to grow after a blending and packing firm reported a 10% increase in sales of the spice over the past year.

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Gulfood 2017 showcases edible oil formats

A range of edible oils, including rapeseed, soybean, corn, sunflower and a number of specific blends, were on display at Gulfood 2017.

Research aims to improve rice processing and reduce waste

Food waste during rice processing and poor nutrition in parts of the Indian population could be tackled, after Sheffield Hallam University was awarded £400,000 to undertake research to help support economic growth...

Dairy foods can ‘break the obesity cycle’

Consuming milk, yogurt or cheese does not contribute to obesity, and the dairy sector is “too often targeted in public health campaigns tackling obesity”, The Dairy Council has claimed.

Battle Oats to supply 300 Holland & Barrett stores

Nutrition brand Battle Oats has secured a deal with high street retailer Holland & Barrett to supply 300 of its stores in the UK and Republic of Ireland.

Low-glycaemic hard-boiled candies on show at ISM

Sugar-free hard-boiled candies made with the sweetener isomalt were on display at this year’s ISM, the world’s largest trade fair for sweets and snacks.

Crisp makers under fire for ‘carcinogenic’ acrylamide

Premium crisp manufacturer Tyrrells has played down warnings over the cancer-causing chemical acrylamide, after an investigation revealed its ‘sweet potato lightly salted crisps’ contained almost 2.5 times the recommended EU...