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Progress on sustainable palm oil unfairly criticised

16-Apr-2014 - UK food manufacturers are still being unfairly criticised for using palm oil, despite the work they have done to source it sustainably, according to the corporate social responsibility (CSR) director of a global food oil business.

Bakeries struggling with calls to cut salt, sugar and fat

14-Apr-2014 - Manufacturers of baked goods are reaching a point where calls to cut salts, fats and sugars in products are becoming detrimental to the quality of their products, a bakery manager has said.

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Happy shoppers to boost Easter food purchases: IGD

11-Apr-2014 - British shoppers are planning to boost their food spending this Easter, according to research from the grocery think tank IGD.


Food firms must adapt to toughest regulation

09-Apr-2014 - Manufacturers that want to make health claims on pack are adapting to the EU’s line of regulation.

Niche firms are the new target for global players

04-Apr-2014 - The food industry’s big players are seeking to acquire smaller ingredients firms in a bid to capitalise on high-growth sectors of the market, according to a mergers and acquisitions (M&A) report from Catalyst Corporate Finance.

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Health debates will help small drinks David win Goliath’s sales

03-Apr-2014 - Small drinks companies will use debates on health, such as that on added sugar, to challenge larger players like Coca-Cola, says the co-founder of a new soft drinks firm.

Government should advise seven-a-day fruit and veg

02-Apr-2014 - The government should upgrade its advice to eat seven portions of fruit and vegetables a day from the five currently recommended, according to a new study by University College of London researchers.

‘Eat more plant-based food to improve health’

26-Mar-2014 - Consumers should be encouraged to consume more plant-based food to improve their nutritional health and relieve rising global demand for meat protein, which is pushing up the price of imports, a leading nutritionist has advised. 

Call for UK-wide folic acid fortification

26-Mar-2014 - The government at Westminster is being urged to press ahead with mandatory fortification of bread and flour with folic acid across the UK in a bid to reduce neural tube defects in foetuses.


Vitafoods offers perfect opportunity to network

21-Mar-2014 - Vitafoods is a chance to showcase new products, learn about market trends or network with potential suppliers and buyers, says Nicholas Robinson


Sustainable messages from the BNF

21-Mar-2014 - As the global population continues to rise, identifying means to feed current and future generations sustainably becomes ever more pressing.

‘Reformulate to cut salt or fall behind’

21-Mar-2014 - Calls to lower salt in processed foods by groups such as Consensus Action on Salt & Health (CASH) have been heeded by four of the UK’s largest seasoning companies.

Double the astaxanthin production

21-Mar-2014 - Israel-based Algatechnologies will double its astaxanthin production capacity by pumping more than £12M into its Arava Desert facility.

Extract chronic disease risk

21-Mar-2014 - Risk of chronic disease and cancer could be reduced following new research to extract important compounds – such as ellagitannins – from fruits like blackberries.

Unapproved novel foods health warning

21-Mar-2014 - Media interest, the search for a ‘magic bullet’ health ingredient and consumers’ desire for health and wellness products are all contributing to the growth of unapproved novel foods.


US food firm plots UK gluten-free market invasion

21-Mar-2014 - Simon Hazlett is taking Boulder Brands’ American dream to the UK’s free-from market, reports Nicholas Robinson

Dairy bosses welcome new sat fat study

18-Mar-2014 - Dairy bosses have welcomed a new study that suggests saturated fats in foods like butter and cheese are not bad for heart health.

Gluten-free growth has shelf-life

17-Mar-2014 - The UK’s gluten-free (GF) market could mature in the next two years, following US statistics suggesting the market there has already started to slow.

GM food row: industry must tackle food security ignorance

17-Mar-2014 - If government and industry are to overcome unfounded opposition to genetic modification (GM) technologies, they should clearly communicate the challenges facing sustainable food production, the Prime Minister’s scientific advisers have claimed.

FIR webinar

FIR your questions answered part two – in pictures

14-Mar-2014 - The Food Manufacture Group assembled a crack-team of webinar speakers to help equip food and drink businesses with the information they need to prepare for the Food Information to Consumers Regulation, due to be enforced on December 13 2014.


Novel foods approval changes set for the EU

13-Mar-2014 - The EU’s overhaul of the novel foods approval process will inspire and speed up innovation, says Michelle Knott

First salt targets issued for foodservice firms

07-Mar-2014 - Salt targets for foodservice operators have been issued by the Department of Health (DH) for the first time, although the jury is out on how realistic they are.

2017 packaged food and foodservice salt targets issued

07-Mar-2014 - Updated salt targets for packaged foodstuffs are too soft on meat and cheese, a leading expert claims, as the Department of Health (DH) posts foodservice targets for the first time.

Nutritionists slam sugar-bashing press

07-Mar-2014 - The national media has seriously misreported consumers’ sugar intake and its apparent link to obesity following the World Health Organisation’s (WHO’s) latest intake update this week, leading nutritionists have claimed.

Peruvian plant syrup with promise to replace sugar

03-Mar-2014 - Controversial calls to cut sugar in certain foods has led wholefoods brand Alara to seek approval for a new sugar alternative for the UK market.

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