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We have wide a range of online advertising, sponsorship and direct marketing opportunities available which will help to increase your brand awareness, drive traffic to your website or provide you with sales leads


These high profile horizontal banners can be animated and interactive and appear on every page across the website for maximum visibility.

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Newsletter sponsorship:

Three times weekly e-newsletter focused on reporting the top weekly news stories from across the food and drink manufacturing industry in the UK. The e-newsletter is free to subscribe to and has over 34,546 subscribers keen to see food business news as it happens and delivered to their inbox.

White papers:

White Papers are an authoritative report, technical paper, or guide that addresses problems and how to solve them. They are used to educate readers and help people make decisions. A benefit to White Papers is sales lead generation and our systems can supply contact details of the person who has downloaded the White Paper which are sent directly to the host to follow up. In the absence of a technical report, we can also use the system to download a PDF brochure.


With around 29,144 subscribers “double opted in” to receive e-shot campaigns, we can provide you with a direct route to market, supported by full statistics reporting and the option of our lead generation system.

Webinars:The modern way to get an authoritative and informative message to market and underpin your company’s expertise and knowledge in specific subject areas. We can deliver both live and on demand, hosted or house produced, along with the contact details of all viewers, using our smart lead system

Traffic statistics:

  • 100,550 unique users
  • 266,881 page views
  • 34,546 Newsletter subscribers
  • 29,144 e-Shot subscriber base

 Average Jan 2014 - June 2014. Source:  Google Analytics

Other newsletters:

  • 12,971 Food Safety newsletters
  • 10,409 Food Ingredients Health & Nutrition newsletters

Social Media:

We have a total social reach of 18,424:


So, whether you are looking for branding and awareness, sales lead generation or both, we will be happy to help you maximise these many and varied opportunities, so please give us a call or drop us a note:

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