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October 2016

Post Brexit UK food & drink industry Summit

Location:The Holiday Inn, Coram Street - London - United Kingdom
Chaired by Professor Tim Lang, Professor Of Food Policy, The Food Unit Centre, City Of London University, our post Brexit UK food & drink industry Summit will be an essential event to unpack and understand the consequences and challenges faced in the light of the Brexit shock. How will it affect food industry jobs, innovations, and the food & drink industry as a whole across the UK and EU?

Supporting a Healthy Childhood Policy Priorities for Obesity, Active Lifestyles and Taking Responsibility

Location:Central London - United Kingdom
This forum will be an opportunity for policymakers and delegates to discuss the emerging priorities for tackling the high rates of childhood obesity in the UK (and its associated costs to the NHS and wider economy) and the way forward for implemen...

Transfrigoroute International

13-Oct-2016 to 14-Oct-2016
Location:Royal Garden Hotel - London - United Kingdom
How will the UK's exit from the EU and the appointment of a new UK Prime Minister affect the future of Food Logistics across Europe?These are questions that will be adressed at the Transfrigoroute International Conference and AGM 2016, supported by the European Cold Storage and Logistics Association (ECSLA). The theme of this year's event is keep cool, drive growth – the critical role of temperature-controlled transport in the European supply chain, even more critical as the UK leaves the EU.Speakers range from UK and EU policy-makers, to industry experts and innovators who have grown their businesses in an ever changing marketplace and who will help guide delegates through the potential changes the future may hold.

SOFHT Training Academy ‘Nutritional Analysis’

Location:SOFHT Conference Room, Middleton House Farm - Tamworth - United Kingdom
This course will give an insight in the methodology involved in generating the data for nutritional label information as well as the tolerances for the nutritional declarations and will form a good introduction to those new to food labelling.

Sustainable Retail Summit

27-Oct-2016 to 28-Oct-2016
Location:France - Paris - France
The event that gathers business leaders to be inspired, informed and able to implement socially and environmentally sustainable business solutions and improve the health and wellness of our communities.The 1st edition will focus on the environment...

November 2016

SOFHT Training Academy ‘HACCP’

Location:SOFHT Conference Room, Middleton House Farm - Tamworth - United Kingdom
This course is the A to Z of HACCP plan development, it begins with an overview of HACCP and explains the basic requirements to set up and maintain an effective and successful HACCP system. 

Food Matters Live

22-Nov-2016 to 24-Nov-2016
Location:ExCeL - London - United Kingdom
Food Matters Live is a cross-sector event bringing together the food and drink industry, retailers, foodservice providers, government and those working in nutrition, to enable collaboration and innovation to support a sustainable food landscape for the future.

SOFHT Legislation Forum ‘The changing face of Enforcement’: Members only event

Location:SOFHT Conference Room, Middleton House Farm - Tamworth - United Kingdom
Selected news, views and solutions on the latest UK & EU legislation. Keeping up-to-date with UK & EU legislation is paramount for those working in the food industry, whether you are a leading retailer, advisory consultant or Technical Manager.

January 2017

Next steps for policy on obesity - latest on prevention initiatives and the new government childhood obesity strategy

Location:Central London - United Kingdom
The conference also takes place in light of the proposed introduction of a soft drinks industry levy and following the launch by the Committee of Advertising Practice of a consultation on regulating advertising high in fat, salt and sugar foods to children.Sessions will discuss policy priorities for improving the nutritional content of foods, the challenges of reducing sugar consumption, and latest thinking on preventative measures for addressing the prevalence of obesity during early years.The Chief Executive of the Advertising Standards Authority, Guy Parker, is a keynote speaker at this conference, as are Dr Rachel Pryke, Clinical Champion for Nutrition for Health, Royal College of General Practitioners;Chris Askew, Chief Executive, Diabetes UK; Dr Adrienne Cullum, Obesity Project Lead, NICE; and Gavin Partington, Director General, British Soft Drinks Association.Areas for discussion include: Improving children's health, sugar consumption, primary care and clinical guidance and commissioning services.