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Alchemy Systems

Alchemy Systems

Alchemy is the global leader in food and workplace safety training for production workers. Companies use Alchemy to increase productivity, reduce food safety incidents, and lower compliance risk. Alchemy's unique training solution, SISTEM, provides an interactive learning experience for production workers and enables companies to build a strong food safety culture.

The SISTEM training platform is endorsed by FDQ, allowing you to deliver endorsed food safety training courses or the accredited Level 2 Food Safety for Manufacturing qualification.

The SISTEM food safety course library includes the following titles:
•    Understanding the Importance of Food Safety Systems
•    Reporting and Preventing Microbiological Hazards
•    Legal Responsibilities of Food Handlers and Businesses
•    Personal Hygiene Practices for Preventing Food Contamination
•    Effective Hand Washing Techniques
•    Food Poisoning, Foodborne Illness, and Reporting Requirements
•    Keeping the Work Area Clean and Disinfected
•    Waste Management Procedures and Proper Disposal
•    Effective Pest Control Practices
•    Preventing Food Contamination
•    Hazardous Micro-organisms in Food Manufacturing

Each course is delivered in an interactive and engaging format using hand-held remotes for up to 150 of your employees. In addition, all of the training activity and employee records can be managed online for real time reporting and secure record keeping.

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