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Food safety conference

Food safety not threatened by budget cuts: FSA

18-Oct-2013 - Budget cuts are leading to fewer food inspections but food safety should not be compromised, according to the Food Standards Agency (FSA).

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Food safety conference: one day to go

16-Oct-2013 - There’s just one day to go until Food Manufacture’s Food safety conference at the National Motorcycle Museum, Solihull, but still time to book late tickets.

Food and drink industry cannot continue to tolerate food poisoning

14-Oct-2013 - The food and drink industry cannot continue to tolerate food poisoning outbreaks and needs to evaluate its whole supply chain in order to stamp it out.

Horsemeat response: row deepens

11-Oct-2013 - The Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (EFRA) select committee “is at odds” with the government’s view of the handling of the horsemeat contamination scandal, according to committee head Anne McIntosh.

Food addiction: a flawed excuse for overeating

07-Oct-2013 - Claims that people can get ‘hooked’ on certain foods which then makes them obese are overstated, with the result that food addiction is becoming an overly simplistic explanation for overeating, according to a leading expert in psychobiology.

2 Sisters gets £153k bill for breaking food safety laws

02-Oct-2013 - The 2 Sisters Food Group has apologised after being told to pay £153,500 for breaking food safety laws covering the shelf-life of its products.

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US food safety: early casualty of budget crisis

02-Oct-2013 - Food safety is proving an early casualty of the US budget crisis as the government starts to close down some activities to save money.

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Food Standards Agency probes salmonella outbreak

30-Sep-2013 - The Food Standards Agency (FSA) is probing an outbreak of a novel strain of salmonella, called Salmonella Gold-coast, which has caused at least 18 cases of illness.

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Free Food Safety and Testing webinar – still time to book

24-Sep-2013 - There’s still time to register for the free Food Safety and Testing webinar, organised by our sister publication, which will take place on at 2pm GMT on Thursday September 26.

2 Sisters’ microbiology lab to help beat campylobacter

24-Sep-2013 - 2 Sisters Food Group’s new £1M microbiology lab will help to reduce and eradicate campylobacter, said Ranjit Boparan, the firm’s boss.

Exclusive video interview

EU food regulations ‘too trusting’: DEFRA boss

20-Sep-2013 - The European system of food regulation is “too trusting”, environment secretary Owen Paterson told in the second part of our exclusive video interview.

‘Training gap limits hygiene standards’

20-Sep-2013 - The full potential of packaging quality and hygiene standards in the supply chain is not being realised because of limited training options, a leading paper and board supplier has claimed.

51 sick in ‘unique’ salmonella outbreak

13-Sep-2013 - Food safety authorities are racing to trace the source of a food poisoning outbreak that has sickened 51 people and is potentially linked to cooked ham supplied to small independent butchers.

Supermarkets must spur suppliers to cut campylobacter

11-Sep-2013 - Retailers must incentivise poultry suppliers to tackle the UK’s soaring levels of campylobacter contamination, according to the Food Standards Agency’s (FSA’s) board, which met in Aberdeen today (September 11).

£1M 2 Sisters lab poised to open

11-Sep-2013 - 2 Sisters Food Group’s new £1M microbiology lab will help keep it on top of threats posed by pathogens, the firm’s technical chief told

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Olympics boss urged to ditch ‘junk food sponsorship’

11-Sep-2013 - New Olympic boss Thomas Bach should ban “junk food sponsorship” of the Olympic Games, demands a children’s charity.

‘We’ve slashed the salt, now where's the credit?’

11-Sep-2013 - Bradford-based Seabrook crisps has slashed its products’ salt levels by 20% – but its boss says the industry as a whole is not getting the credit is deserves for undertaking such costly and challenging endeavours.

Tesco rat infestation in Perth ‘isolated incident’

11-Sep-2013 - A rat infestation in Tesco’s Perth Metro store, recent complaints about a live caterpillar discovered in a sandwich at a store in Sussex and a ‘supermouse’ at its Covent Garden Metro outlet were isolated incidents, according to a spokeswoman for the retail giant.

Butter has ‘shockingly high salt levels’: pressure group

09-Sep-2013 - Salt levels in butter, margarine, fats and spreads are “shockingly high and unnecessary”, warns the pressure group Consensus Action on Salt and Health (CASH).

Behavioural psychology can encourage good food hygiene

09-Sep-2013 - Companies need to adopt the latest behavioural psychology techniques if they want to get their staff to “do the right thing”, a leading food hygiene expert has advised.

Food Standards Agency orders Farmbox Meats recall

09-Sep-2013 - The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has ordered the recall of all frozen lamb, beef and mutton trim supplied by mid Wales firm Farmbox Meats – one of the firms involved in the horsemeat crisis.

Food Safety Conference: still time to book

06-Sep-2013 - There’s still time to book a place at Food Manufacture’s Food Safety Conference, to be staged at the National Motorcycle Museum, Solihull on Thursday October 17 2013.


Food safety culture needs to be second nature

02-Sep-2013 - Food safety culture needs to become second nature so all production staff do the right thing, says Rick Pendrous

CASH boss slams government health campaigns

02-Sep-2013 - The government’s voluntary Public Health Responsibility Deal (PHRD) may not yet be dead, but it is clearly in need of intensive care, according to the chairman of Consensus Action on Salt & Health (CASH) Professor Graham MacGregor.

Samworth Brothers reassures on chemical spill

30-Aug-2013 - Chilled foods firm Samworth Brothers has reassured customers that, following an acid spill at its Kensey Foods factory at Launceston, Cornwall, business has returned to normal.

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