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Illegal pesticides pose serious risk to food businesses

20-Jan-2014 - A campaign was launched last Friday (January 17) to raise awareness about the risks posed by illegal pesticides sold to farmers in the EU, often by organised criminal gangs from eastern Europe that pass off imports from China masquerading as products made by reputable pesticide companies.

Horsemeat anniversary: few lessons learnt, says new research

15-Jan-2014 - Few lessons have been learnt from the horsemeat crisis, claims new research commissioned by supply chain consultancy Achilles, as an influential committee of MPs urged retailers to buy more local food.

Scientist questions the FSA’s advice on fish

09-Jan-2014 - Government advice to pregnant women to restrict consumption of fish to avoid risking the brain development of foetuses by ingesting high levels of dangerous toxins, has been questioned by a leading nutritional scientist.

Cross-contamination and mislabelling causes most product recalls

09-Jan-2014 - Factory contamination of food and drink by pathogens and physical contaminants continues to present problems for the industry, according to an assessment of the reasons behind food alerts issued last year by the Food Standards Agency (FSA).

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Forget horsemeat, fox DNA in donkeymeat worries the Chinese

03-Jan-2014 - Retail giant Wal-Mart has found itself embroiled in a fresh food scandal after foxmeat was discovered in its ‘Five Spice’ donkey product sold in more than 400 stores across China.

News in brief

Irish food safety boss thought horsemeat in burgers impossible

02-Jan-2014 - Alan Reilly, chief executive of the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI), first thought the contamination of supermarket burgers with horsemeat was impossible but quickly realised the discovery would generate a “tsunami of horse manure”.

Top food safety stories of the year

18-Dec-2013 - Prosecutions, drugs, hygiene failings, food fraud and product recalls all feature on our list of the top food safety stories of the year.

Fresh horsemeat scandal hits France

17-Dec-2013 - Global pharmaceutical firm Sanofi has said it was the victim of fraud, after French police raided its offices in France and arrested 21 people elsewhere, during investigations into claims that horsemeat used to develop medicines was sold illegally for human consumption.

Unauthorised novel foods on sale across UK

04-Dec-2013 - Many unauthorised novel foods, which could present a health risk to consumers, are feared to be on sale across the UK without the knowledge of the regulatory authorities, bringing into question the effectiveness of the approvals process and its enforcement.

Contract cleaners wash away the allergens

02-Dec-2013 - Bakery ingredients supplier Renshaw Napier has asked contract cleaning specialist Hygiene Group to service its production facility in Liverpool.

Tackle E.coli ‘super-shedding’ cattle and sheep: Pennington

30-Nov-2013 - Action is urgently required to address the problem of “super-shedding” cattle and sheep, which are responsible for the majority of contamination of the dangerous foodborne and environmental pathogen Escherichia coli O157 (E.Coli O157), said leading microbiologist Professor Hugh Pennington.

Food safety watchdog reassures on MRSA meat risk

27-Nov-2013 - The food safety watchdog the Food Standards Agency (FSA) has reassured consumers about the “very low risk”, after the first case of the bacteria MRSA was discovered in turkey and chickens on an East Anglian farm.

Food Safety Conference

Food safety culture a key message from safety conference

11-Nov-2013 - The importance of developing a food safety culture throughout food and drink businesses was one of the key messages to emerge from Food Manufacture’s Food safety conference, according to its chairman.

FDF: we know little of SMEs' safety

11-Nov-2013 - Very little is known about the health and safety and occupational health practices of small–and medium–sized food manufacturers and engaging them is crucial to improving the well-being of staff.

Kit enters the industrial steam cleaning Matrix

05-Nov-2013 - Matrix’s Industrial Range incorporates two single-phase machines and three, three-phase machines designed to fulfil heavy duty cleaning. Each machine features a continuous stainless steel boiler with steam temperatures at source between 165°C to 180°C deployed at pressures from eight to 10 bar.

Danish poultry sector steps up to stem campylobacter

05-Nov-2013 - The UK could learn some lessons from the Danish experience as its poultry sector seeks to stem soaring levels of the bacterium campylobacter in the food chain.‘Quote marks’“Double quote”

Man convicted of running £4M illegal poultry firm

04-Nov-2013 - Bristol Crown Court has sentenced a man running a £4M illegal poultry business at the city’s Fishponds Trading Estate to one year’s imprisonment, suspended for two years, and community service.

Food safety conference

Campylobacter in supermarket chicken to be ‘competitive issue’

04-Nov-2013 - Campylobacter could become a competitive issue as supermarkets that have managed to reduce the pathogen levels in their chicken take commercial advantage of this, said the Food Standards Agency’s (FSA’s) chief operating officer Andrew Rhodes.

Rentokil cracks down on pest-borne diseases

01-Nov-2013 - Rentokil Pest Control has launched a new pest disinfection service, which it claims can reduce the risk of illnesses associated with pest infestations in food and drink manufacturing sites. 

Horsemeat ‘cuts ready meal demand but boosts ethical’: RSPCA

25-Oct-2013 - The horsemeat crisis has led consumers to lose trust in ready meals, while demand for ‘ethical’, ‘higher-welfare food’ is rising, claims the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA).

Food safety conference

FSA should be given back full powers: Which?

25-Oct-2013 - Food safety had been compromised by the government’s 2010 decision to strip the Food Standards Agency (FSA) of its responsibility for food standards, labelling and nutrition and those powers should be restored, argues consumer watchdog Which?

Food safety conference

Horsemeat crisis to spark next food fraud, says FSA

23-Oct-2013 - The next major food fraud crisis may arise from the shortages of premium meat cuts sparked by the horsemeat scandal, warns the Food Standards Agency (FSA).

Food safety conference

Fewer inspections for firms with good safety record

21-Oct-2013 - Food manufacturers with good food safety records and full third-party auditing procedures can expect fewer inspections, according to the Food Standards Agency (FSA).

Food safety conference

‘We’ll name and shame firms with poor food safety’: FSA

21-Oct-2013 - Food businesses guilty of sub-standard food safety practices will be named and shamed by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) in new reports to be launched next year, can exclusively reveal.

Food industry slammed for safety as Bakkavör fined

21-Oct-2013 - Food manufacturers’ safety record has been slammed by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), after chilled food firm Bakkavör was ordered to pay more than £32,000 following a worker’s injury.

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