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Lauras International works with businesses of all sizes, from family run to blue chip, helping to rapidly improve productivity through people.

Lauras International works with Food & Drink manufacturing businesses that are frustrated with performance, want to drive profit, or are simply fed-up with waste. Each business usually has a good operation already, but is looking for ways to improve; often they have started continuous improvement programmes but prior to working with our team, have been disappointed with the rate of improvement or sustainability of results.
Our expertise in Lean, Six Sigma, TPM, Management Development, and a range of in-house developed approaches, enables us to tailor our Rapid Improvement model to each client – whether working with small family run businesses, or blue-chip internationals across multiple sites.

We also provide professional consultancy services to support your organisational capability towards improvement - including Interim placements, Coaching & Mentoring, and Due Diligence Assessments (for businesses looking to divest or acquire manufacturing operations).

Why fast-track your improvement with Lauras International?
When it comes to implementing Manufacturing Improvement programmes, we use highly-skilled Practitioners, not Consultants. Our Practitioners have all managed a factory, or a significant part of one, and have a track record of success from within business. They are dedicated to helping and developing your teams to improve productivity - training, getting involved in meetings, and on the shopfloor - in the way only true operational professionals can. Only in this way have we been able to guarantee the success of our programmes.
Having worked with 240 plants, 17 distribution centres, and over 900 production lines to identify opportunities worth over £300m - we've implemented more than £150m improvement savings for clients over 15 years. Our Rapid Lean programmes come with a guaranteed ROI, and achieve payback in 6 weeks to 6 months.

Lauras International operates globally with offices in Asia, Australia and Europe, and can support the multisite implementation of your Manufacturing Improvement Programme.

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