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The right track


Bakers are starting to up their game when it comes to supply chain traceability and allergen management, according to RedBlack Software.
In reaction to feedback from bakers, the company has updated its CyBake software to meet this demand. "Bakers were telling us that they want IT management systems with enhanced traceability and allergen tracking devices," said spokesman for RedBlack, Seamus Quinn. In response, the company has upgraded its CyBake v2 and launched a v3 model.
Bakers currently using the new v3 model include Cooplands of Doncaster, Hobbs House, Bristol, Princi and J Wild Confectioners.
The new upgrade includes an advanced invoice management function so that every time a customer rings the bakery, details of the caller appear on screen, including whether there are any outstanding payments. Quinn said: "In today's climate, where customers are increasingly making delayed or late payments, such a function can be very helpful."

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