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Morrisons sends staff to university

1 commentBy Lorraine Mullaney , 22-Oct-2012

Staff will learn how to manage their supply chain more effectively
Staff will learn how to manage their supply chain more effectively

Morrisons has launched a foundation degree in supermarket operations, which it will be running with the Logistics Institute at Hull University Business School.

The 100 Morrisons staff on the course will obtain skills and knowledge in leadership and logistics to a bid to connect theory with the workplace.

A spokeswoman from Morrisons told “We are committed to offering our colleagues more opportunities and helping them to develop and build a career with us.”

The supermarket chain worked with the Logistics Institute alongside the University of Hull’s dedicated Knowledge Exchange team to develop the bespoke, part-time industry foundation degree.

Modern logistics

The initiative aims to boost the efficiency of Morrisons’ supply chain and enhance operations by bringing staff up to speed with modern retail logistics, which are becoming increasingly sophisticated.

Hundreds of staff applied for the course in an internal recruitment process.

Most of the students are supervisors who wish to progress to become managers. All employees who complete the course will receive a recognised certificate and the opportunity to develop their skills further.

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Waste of Money!

Instead of creating a degree programme, why not recruit people who already have degrees and just send them on a fast track course?

There are plenty of young people with degrees who are out of work that Morrisons could hire.

This is a waste of good money that the company could use elsewhere.

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Posted by Peter Crolla
23 October 2012 | 19h382012-10-23T19:38:06Z

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