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Mars to cut chocolate product calorie count

By Dan Colombini , 17-Feb-2012
Last updated on 17-Feb-2012 at 13:56 GMT2012-02-17T13:56:18Z

The popular Snickers bar will have its calorie content reduced to 250 or under as part of Mars' plan

The popular Snickers bar will have its calorie content reduced to 250 or under as part of Mars' plan

Chocolate manufacturer Mars has confirmed that it will cut the calorie content of all of its chocolate products to 250 calories or less in a bid to make its snacks healthier for consumers.

The firm revealed that the changes would take effect by the end of next year and will include all Mars chocolate products worldwide.

The new calorie-reduction programme is part of the US-based firm’s plan to improve the nutritional value of its products and to promote healthier snacking.

The news comes two years after Mars spent £8.2M on research and development of its products over a period of five years , which included the reformulation of bars such as Milky Way, Mars and Snickers. As a result, the snacks went on sale with 15 to 20% less saturated fat.

Snickers and Twix

The Snickers and Twix maker said that it believed its chocolate products could now feature as part of a healthy and balanced diet.

The changes will affect much-loved chocolate treats such as the Snickers bar, which currently contains 296 calories and the Mars bar, which contains 260 calories.

A spokeswoman told“We believe that all of our products can be enjoyed as part of a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet - our commitment to making all our chocolate products no more than 250 calories per portion reflects this.

“These changes form part of our on-going efforts to encourage responsible consumption, and will come into effect globally by the end of next year.”

Mars also makes popular brands such as M&Ms and Juicy Fruit chewing gum.

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